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What does it include?

parotid gland and surrounding structures


parotid gland

largest of 3 salivary glands
A to ear on L side of face
S part of gland lies on masseter
deep part curves around P edge of ramus and mandible
tough parotid fascia derived from deep cervical fascia encloses it
PARASYMP fibers arise w/ glossopharyngeal n. (CN IX) --> synapse in otic ganglion; postganglionic fibers hitchike on auriculotemporal n. of CN V3 (mandibular branch from trigeminal n. - CN V)


parotid duct

crosses masseter superficially - pierces buccinator to enter mouth
opens opposite 2nd upper molar


parotid plexus

formed by:
- facial n. (VII)
embedded w/in parotid gland
gives rise to 5 branches that supply muscles of face:
- temporal
- zygomatic
- buccal
- mandibular
- cervical


structures traveling w/ or embedded w/in parotid gland

parotid plexus of facial n. (CN VII)
retromandibular v. --> formed by superficial temporal and maxillary vv.
external carotid a. and origin of terminal branches - superficial temporal and maxillary aa.
parotid lymph nodes - drain parotid gland, external ear, forehead, and temporal region



superficial to the ramus of mandible

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