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Define a valve or a tap?

Valves and taps are devices designed to regulate, open or close the flow of a liquid or gas in a pipeline


What should valves and taps be made from?

They should be made from brass, or other corrosion resisting alloys


What is a stop valve used for?

Stop valves are used to shut off the flow of a fluid on high pressure water mains


What is a gate valve used for?

Gate valves are used to control the flow of fluids in low pressure systems


Explain what a piller tap is?

Pillar taps are made with long threads which allow them too be fitted through sanitary appliances


Where would a bib tap be used?

They are used for outside use and cleaners sinks


We're should drain valves be fitted?

They are fitted at low points in plumbing and central heating systems


Why have stop valves an arrow printed on them?

To indicate the direction of the water flow


Where would you find a gate valve fitted??

You would find a gate valve fitted on pipework from storage cisterns or central heating systems


What is an air gap and were would you find one?

An air gap is a gap to prevent back siphonage and you would find one on pillar taps


Explain the term cracking a tap?

When the head is loosened and immediately tightened


Explain the purpose of a reseating tool?

It is to re grind the seating in a basin or bath tap if a piece of stone was to damage it's seating


We're are plug valves used?

Plug valves are used on gas lines or sometimes as drain points on water systems


Name the two valves either side of the radiator?

The lock shield valve and the wheelhead valve and thermostatic valves


List two purposes of a lockshield radiator valve?

when balancing a system it ensures a equal distribution of hot water
To shut off to the flow to the radiator


List 2 purposes of a wheelhead radiator valve?

It is used too turn the heater on and off.


Lost two valves suitable for use on low pressure water systems?

Gate valves and lever valves


List one advantage and one disadvantage of a gate valve?

they are used to control the flow of fluids in low pressure systems
there is no washers and therefore there is no restriction to the flow of liquids through them


List one advantage and one disadvantage of a stop valve?

they are designed with a rubber tap washer which gives a positive shut off under high pressure
they are slow closing which allows the water flow too slow down when shutting preventing water hammer


List one advantage and one disadvantage of a lever valve?

it is favoured on gas lines
can be used as an alternative to a gate valve on low pressure water systems


List two places that a gate valve is used?

Storage cisterns and central heating systems


List two places that a stop valve is used?

High pressure water mains and were water hammer could occur


List two places that a pillar tap is used?

On a wash basin and in a kitchen sink


List two places that a bib tap is used?

Outdoors and a cleaners sink