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What is a virtue?

A habit of doing good things


What is the virtue of justice?

The habit of giving each person what is due to them.


What is the virtue of fortitude?

The habit of continuing to go after your goal even when there are obstacles and difficulties


What is the virtue of temperance?

The habit of wanting the right amount of things - not too much and not too little.


What is the virtue of prudence?

The habit of making all of your decisions while keeping in mind your main goal.

For example, a basketball player who makes all their decisions while thinking of how to get the ball in the basket shows prudence. A basketball player who makes their decisions while thinking of how to look fancy is imprudent.


What the the four cardinal virtues (also called natural virtues)?

Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, and Temperance


What are the three theological virtures

Faith, hope, and charity


What is faith?

Faith is believing in God and what he has told us


What is hope?

Hope is desiring and waiting for eternal life with God as our true happiness.


What is charity?

Loving God above all things and loving our neighbor as ourself out of love for God