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What is Photography?

-”Light to draw”
-Art or practice of taking and processing photographs


What is Context?

-The subject is shown in its environment and the surroundings provide information about the subject


What is Creativity?

-Contains an extra element (or elements) that are used intentionally to improve the photo from its original state
-Makes a photo unique


What is Composition?

-The art of arrangement and positioning
-Creating an active relationship between the photographer and subject


What is Aesthetics?

-The principle of nature and appreciation of beauty


What is Ethics?

-Common sense, goodwill, and morality
-Permission to use, permission to take, permission to trespass


What is a License?

-A license to start a photography business


What is a Tripod?

-A stand to hold the camera to keep it steady


What is a SLR camera?

-Single lens reflex
-Digital camera that uses a mirror and image sensor to provide a focus screen
-Image is seen the same as the real subject


What is a Lens?

-Specially ground glass pieces that focus the light rays from the subject to the sensor
-Round piece of glass


What is a Shutter?

-A curtain in front of the camera sensor that stays closed until the camera shoots then the shutter opens and fully exposes the camera sensor to the light that passes through the lens aperture


What is White balance?

-Ensures that the whites of the image are white
-If WB is too warm image will look red/yellow and to cold blue/green


What is ISO?

-Adjusts the amount of available light
-Less light= Higher ISO
-More light= Lower ISO


What is Aperture?

-An adjustable diaphragm that allows light from the lens to the sensor
-Smaller the hole the less light gets in
-The bigger the hole the more light that gets in


What is Depth of field?

-How much will remain in focus both in front and behind the subject
-Narrow or shallow depth of field is objects in front and behind will look soft or blurry
-A wide or deep depth of field means in front and behind the object look sharp and in focus


What is Point of View?

-The angle at which the picture is taken


What is Leading lines?

-Lines that lead you toward the object, subject or focal point


What is Appropriation?

-Borrowed elements in the creation of new work ( the artist used appropriation) or new work itself (This is a piece of appropriation art)


What is Rule of (dynamic) thirds?

-The main object, subject or focal point is in one of the points where the grid lines meet


Who is Joseph Niepce?

-Made the first successful permanent picture in June/July 1827
-Took photo out the window of his studio on a piece of tin plate that had an 8 hour long exposure time
-The light areas were dark and the dark areas were light in the picture


What is a Camera obscura?

-Dark or black box with curved lens or aperture that projects the image of the object onto a screen or a side of the inside of the box


What is a Daguerreotype?

-Louis Daguerre
-Positive image (lights where light, darks were dark, photo looked like the image) on a metal plate
- First successful photographic process
-10-15 minute exposure time
-First public access


What is a Calotype?

-Fox Talbot
-Prints tended to fade, took longer and were not very sharp pictures
-Was on metal plate then copied onto paper so there could be duplicates


What is a Collodion?

-Frederick Scott Archer
-Discovered how to put chemicals on the paper before the photo was taken
-Wet page from chemicals into obscura


What is a Dry-Plate?

-Gelatin instead of a photo plate
-No longer had to carry dark rooms or chemicals


What is The Brownie camera?

-Black box with film
-Cheap so many people bought them


Who is Eadweard Muybridge?

-Stop motion photographer
-Horse track, horse triggered the camera to take a picture proving horses do have all four legs off the ground at once
-English photographer
-Photographic study of motion
-Early work in motion-picture projection
-Born 1830
-Died 1904
-1879 proved horses do have all four hooves off the ground at one point