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What is the meaning of Separation of powers?

The divisions of the powers of government among separate institutions or branches


What is the meaning of Separate institutions sharing power?

The principle that, as a way of limiting government, its powers should be divided among separate branches, each of which also shares in the power of the others as a means of checking and balancing them. The result is that no one branch can exercise power decisively without the support or acquiescence of the others


What is the meaning of Checks and balances?

The elaborate system of divided spheres of authority provided by the U.S Constitution as a means of controlling the power of government. The separation of powers among the branches of national government, federalism, and the different methods of selecting national officers are all part of this system


What is the meaning of Grants of power?

The method of limiting the U.S. government by confining its scope of authority to those powers expressly granted in the Constitution