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Thur good Marshall

Who went on to become Supreme Court justice , and Jack Greenberg led the courtroom battles against segregation.


Brown V. Board of Education

In the early 1950 , five school segregation cases from Delaware, Kansas, South Carolina , Virginia , and Washington , D.C., cams together under the title of Brown V. Board of Education .


Montgomery bus boycott

Thousands of African Americans stopped riding the buses .


Student Nonviolet Coordinating Committee

To continue the struggle of civil rights m he leaders of the student protest formed the SNCC .


John F. Kennedy

Won the election of 1960 , he became the youngest person ever elected president of the United States .


Freedom rides

To accomplish this CORE organized a series of protests ca,,ed the Freedom Rides , in which black and white bus riders traveled together to segregated bus stations in the South .


March On Washington

To demonstrate support to the civil rights bill , African American leader held the March On Washington a massive demonstration for civil rights .


Civil Rights Act of 1964

Th act banned segregation in public places . It also outlawed discrimination in the workplace on the basis of color , gender , religion , or national origin .


Voting Right Act of 1965

Which Johnson signed into law in August . This ,aw gave the federal government new powers to protect African Americans voting rights .


Great society

His program of domestic reforms that he called the great Society .


Black power

Movement , which called for African American independence .


Malcom X .

Helped inspire the black power movement . He was a leader of the Nation of Islam , and organization that combined ideas