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What was discussed regarding state of war at Tehran Nov 1943?

- State of war: Allies pushed Germans back on Western Front, out of Italy and North Africa. USSR pushed Germans back on Eastern Front. Japanese island hopping.


At Tehran what was to happen with Germany and Poland?

- Versailles had failed, unconditional surrender for Germany, and Operation Overlord, 6 June 1944.
- USSR to gain Polish land lost in 1939, Polish to gain German land. 1943, 10,000 corpses found at Katyn Forest, Smolensk.


At Tehran what did Stalin make allies accept and what was to replace LoN?

- Stalin forced allies to accept annexation of Baltic states, Finland, and Romania.
- League of Nations was failure, Roosevelt wanted UN and cut down of British colonialism.


Where was Yalta Conference held?

4-11 Feb 1945, Ukraine


At Yalta how would Germany be split and what rights would Russia gain for war against Japan?

- Germany and Berlin split in four, Nazi war criminals tried at international court of justice.
- Russia to enter war against Japan for southern half of Sakhalin Island and rights in Manchuria.


What reparation did USSR want at Yalta, and what coalition was Stalin forced to accept?

- USSR lost 20 million, wanted to gain sphere of influence. Churchill forced Roosevelt to accept shift of borders into Poland as Greece was untouched.
- Communist government set in Lublin, Poland. Stalin forced to accept coalition with exile government.
- UN to be set up.


What discussion was there about Yalta? What happened when Roosevelt died?

- Roosevelt stated that never before had the Big Three been as close, Churchill feared Stalin’s threat to free world. Churchill was made to sing Soviet national anthem at home.
- Roosevelt died April 1945, Truman replaced him. 2 weeks later sternly told Molotov to adhere to Yalta. Molotov claimed he was being harsh.


When did Potsdam discussion start? How had USSR become an increasing threat?

Potsdam discussions started on 17 July 1945. - 25 million under Soviet control in East Europe, border extended by 500km.


When did Roosevelt die and when was atom bomb tested around Potsdam?

- 12 April 1945 Roosevelt died, replaced by hardliner Truman.
- 16 June 1945 – atom bomb tested. Stalin not told by Truman that there were plans to drop atom bomb at Japan.


What would happen to Germany at Potsdam?

- Germany and Berlin split into four with central German authorities and local administrations, de-Nazification to begin and criminals tried. Refugees repatriated to Germany.
- 25% of goods in West Germany to be sent East.


What line was set, and what war would be waged at Potsdam?

- Poland would gain Oder-Neisse line across Germany.
- Soviets to enter war against Japan.
- Not an official peace treaty.