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Washington Makes Up Whst Percentage of US Wine Out Put?



Where is Sagemoor Vineyards?

Columbia Valley


Where are the majority of the Vineyards located in WA State and why?

East of the Cascades within the Columbia Basin. This is because the Rain Shadow Effect Minimizes rain and the climate is continental - dessert like the further east you are from the Mts.


What is the general climate of the Columbia Basin?

Continental - Hot summers, long hours of sunshine, cool nights


What is the Mountain Range that creates a Rain Shadow and wind block to the North in WA

The Rockies


What is the Yakima Fold Belt? Location? Elevation? History? Why is it excellent for Viticulture?

East-West Running Ridge Lines
-Anticlines - Up to 4000ft
-Synclines - Valley Floors Up to 1000ft
Miocene Era Techtonic Compression + Erosion by Water
Frost Pressure is less after 1000 feet because diurnal temperature shift is less severe


What are the two ways the winemakers improve their vineyards chances of surviving through the extreme temps of winter?

Dual Trunk Training
Cane Burrying


Define Dual Trunk Training:

In the vineyards two vines are planted directly next to each other(1-2 inches apart) so that they are able to improve the vineyards/vines chances of survival through the extreme winter temperature. It is almost statistically impossible for both vines to die.


What disease are vines more susceptible to after surviving a hard freeze?

Crown gall


Define the Buried Cane technique:

A Wine maker will burry an additional fruiting cane in the ground to ensure that the vine will still be able to produce fruit. In the case that a hard frost or cold spell hits and the vines canopy dies, the fruiting cane buried underneath the earth will serve as an adequate replacement. For low vine training systems only.


Define two events that shaped the Columbia Basin:

Missoula Floods 12-18,000 years ago
Volcanic eruptions


What are the defining features of the Paco Basin and where is it?

The Paco Basin is a deep basin of basalt and igneous rock formed by ancient lava flows; it is 12,000ft deep in some points. Over time Loess and Loam have also washed over it as the basin was partially eroded by water


Where is lake Missoula and what is its historical significance?

Lake Missoula is in Montana and it is historically significant because it was one of the biggest ancient lakes that was damned up by the Cordillerian Ice Sheet. This ice would periodically melt and the damn would break, once or twice per century, from 12-18,000 years ago(10,000-16,000BC) and cause the most catastrophic floods - the Missoula Floods


What happened at the Wallulah Gap during the Missoula Floods? What Geographical features did the create?

The Wallulah Gap created a bottleneck for the Missoula Floods at the edge of the Paco Basin. This caused constant drainage and at times huge outpourings of water which dug trenches in the Basalt of the Paco Basin called Touchet Beds that were filled with Loams and Loess.


Why are the vineyards situated along higher elevation vineyards in WA state almost entirely Volcanic soil?

Because the Missoula Floods did reach over 1200 ft in elevation.


What is the difference between Loess and Loams?

Loes is silt sized particulate and Loams is silt and sand; finer grained


What is WSLCB and what was its affect on Washington Wine?

The WA State Liquor Control Board was in control of the wine and did not create a competitive market for Washington wines between 1934 and 1969 by causing insulation and lack of export and import within washington. there was no competition and quality was not strived for.


Who was Walter Clore?

Godfather of WA wines
1937 came to WA to study horticulture at WA State
1940 Planted vinifera at Prosser
1960 Partnered with Charles Nagel to lant vinifera around Washington finding the ideal places to suit grape varietals to regions and find vineyards with ideal aspects
Acted as a mentor to many modern day wine makers


Who planted the oldest Muscat Vines in WA state? When and Where?

William Bridgeman, planted the oldest Muscat Vines in WA at Harrison Hill on Snipes Mt. in 1910-1917


When and by whom was the Associated Vintners founded? What was its purpose and what did it become?

It was founded by Walter Clore in 1962 in Columbia Valley WA to create a winery co-op/ network that encourage quality over quantity. It became Columbia Winery.


Who was the American Wine Growers Association started by? Where and what did it become?

It was started by Andre Tchelistcheff and it became Cht. St. Michelle


What are the main white and red grapes of WA State?

White: Chard, Riesling, PG, SB, Gewurtz
Red: CAB SAV, Merlot, Syrah Cabernet Franc


What percentage of Washington wine is created in Columbia Valley?



What are the four vineyards of Sagemoor Vineyards?

Sagemoore, Dionysus, Bacchus, Winebau


When was Sagemoor Vineyard planted?



What is special about Cold Creek Vineyard? Where is it and when was it planted?

Cold Creek Vineyard is in Washington in the Columbia Valley and it was planted in 1973
It is one of the oldest CS sites in Washinton


Where would you find the unofficial sub-zones of Still water Creek and Frenchman Hills?

Columbia Valley WA


What is WA first AVA and when?

Yakima Valley - 1983


Where are 70% of the nations hops grown?

Washinton State - Yakima Valley


Where is Red Willow Vineyard and when was it planted? Name two producers:

Oldest Syrah in Yakima Valley WA planted in 1986 - Andrew Will & Gramercy Cellars


What AVA's are contained partially or fully within Yakima Valley AVA

Rattlesnake Hills, Snipes Mt, Red Mt


Who is Dick Boushey and what/where are his most famous vineyards?

Dick Boushey was a pioneer of wine in Yakima Valley - He planted the Boushey and Otis vieyards


Red Mt is within what larger AVA? What is its most prominent grape varietal? Three important vineyards?

Within Yakima Valley
Cabernet Sauvignon
Ciel du Cheval


Where is Col Solare and who are it's local and international investors?

Col Solare is in Red Mt. AVA and it a partnership between the Antinori Family and Cht. St. Michelle


When and where were the vineyards Kiona and Ciel du Cheval planted?

In Red Mt. AVA in 1975


Why is Snipes Mt. AVA important?

It has the oldest vinifera vines - 1910-1917 Harrison Hill Muscat - Upland Vineyards


Where is Rattlesnake Hills AVA what is important about its elevation?

Located with in Yakima Valley AVA its elevation must be 850-1600ft to be labeled Rattlesnake Hills


Where are the vineyards Two Blondes and Dubul? Who produces them

Both - Rattlesnake Hills
Two Blondes - Andrew Will + many more
Dubul - Cote Bonneville


How much of Walla Walla Valley is in OR?



What are the soils like in Walla Walla Valley? What is a famous wine/vineyard named after this soil?

Loess Soil - 25-30 ft deep
Leonetti - Loess Vineyard Blue Mountain 50 ft Deep loess soil


How much of "The Rocks" Ava is in OR? What year was it established?

ALL of it is in OR, it was established in 2015


Who was the key player in establishing The Rocks of Milton Freewater AVA? Why is the soil here unique?

The AVA was established by Cayuse with white Galet like pebbles that hold heat and make it a prime area for Rhone Varietals


Where is the Champoux Vineyard? When was it planted?

Horse Heaven Hills 1972


Where would you find the unofficial subzones of Blue Mts - Mill Creek.- North Fork Walla Walla

Walla Walla AVA - WA side


What is Vinea and when was it established

2004 a group of winemakers who are making it a point to transition towards sustainable viticulture, organic practices and fish friendly farming


What is LIVE?

Low Input Viticulture & Energy


Name three famous vineyards of Horse Heaven Hills: Besides Champoux

Alder Ridge, Canoe Ridge, Phinny Hill
Andrew Will and Quecilda Creek


What happened in Horse Heaven Hills in 2010 that limited their vine production significantly

A severe frost


What does Wahluke Slope mean and why is this ironic?

It means watering hole in native indian tongue and it is the driest AVA in WA


Who created the Weinbau Vineyard

Langwerth Erben - Blue Nun


What is special about lake Chelan AVA

It is the northern most AVA in WA and it is the only region untouched by the Missoula Floods - therefore a higher portion of Volcanic Soils


What is the most unique and memorable vineyard in the Columbia River Valley AVA and why?

The most unique vineyard in the Columbia River Valley is the Atavus Vineyard in The Dalles on the OR side of the AVA. It is planted to PN from 1968 by Walter Clore and is dry fared.


What are notable producers of Columbia Valley AVA?

Underwood - Celilo Vineyard - 1972
Memaloose - Idiot's Grace