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What was booker t Washington’s early background

He was an ex slave from Virginia and attended college before becoming a teacher


What two important things did booker set up

The Tuskegee institute in 1881 in Alabama to reach industrial skills to blacks
The national urban league to help black workers


What philosophy did booker set out in his speech in Atlanta

In Atlanta in 1895 he suggested that blacks should focus on education and economic progress rather than ending segregation, discrimination and getting voting rights. J


The advantages of Washington’s approach

It established him as the leader of African Americans in the south. Prevented blacks from starving and falling into poverty
Got valuable contracts for African Americans
Was consulted by Theodore rooselevelt pn black issues
Had political influence


What were the disadvantages to Washington’s approach

Accommodated prejudiced whites in the south
Didn’t allow blacks to become politically equal to whites
Traded in political rights for economic ones
Underestimated the power of 5e vote
Accepted white supremacy
Did little for civil rights


Dubois early life

Achieved a degree at risk and Harvard
He initially supported slow change , like Washington, but by 1900 wanted active resistance to discrimination using legal and political processes


What two important things did Dubois help set up

Helped form the niagra movement 1905. Emphasis on protest to demand civil rights.
The NAACP in 1909 to investigate and publicize racism and tablets, action against it


Advantages to Dubois approach

Niagra gave blacks who wanted to challenge Washington something to follow
NAACP publicized and protested discrimination and used legal means to stop discrimination and gain civil rights


Disadvantages to Dubois approach

Too academic for the masses
Lacking money and organization
Too radical to have serious influence over the government. He blamed whites for the racism which made him less popular
Change was slow, he moved to Ghana


What’s the NAACP

National association for the advancement for colored people


How did 5e situation of blacks get worse between 1890 and 1912

No blacks in congress or state legislature
Had the right to vote systematically taken odd them by southern state laws
Lack of political power made it hard to challenge white political domination
Lost the right to vote and vote on juries
Segregation formally separated races in the south


How did 5e situation of blacks improve between 1890 and 1912

Chances of blacks receiving a formal education increased
African Americans were free to migrate north
Civil rights protest movement had begun to develop with the nAACP