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List ways in which water can be conserved

Reduce domestic use of water
Select drought resistant crops
Reduce overspray in crop farming


Water case Studies

three Gorges Dam, the Yangtze River, China

Water scarcity in Mali


How many years did the three gorges dam take to complete?

How many people were resettled?

What was the cost?

What was ‘washed away’?

How much energy consumption does it account for?

17 years, finished in 2011

12 million

$30 billion


Hydroelectric power accounts for 9%


Mali is ___ in the Sahara, which causes?

How many people lack access to water?

36% of the population lives under what?

Water is contaminated from what?

Water contributes to 80% of what?

This NGO provides clean water and trains locals to...

65%, frequent droughts

11 million

The poverty line


Water related diseases

WaterAid, maintain the construction of a water network