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What is a persona

Capture user characteristics

Not real people, but synthesised from real user characteristics

Should not be idealised

Bring them to life with a name, characteristics, goals, personal background


What is an open=ended question?

Questions that don't look for a specific answer but open up the topic of a conversation.


What is a scenario?

an informal narrative story, simple, ‘natural’, personal, not


What should the interactive designer consider?

What, who where?


What is the smileyometer?

A technique used for surveys to get customer feed back using smiley faces ranging from sad face to happy face


what are scales?

Options within a survey to receive feed back ranging from very disappointed to very satisfied.


What do you need to consider about the types of questions?

Think about the ordering of the questions.

Consider whether you need different versions of the
questionnaire for different members of the population.

Provide clear instructions on how to complete the

Balance between white space and compactness of the


What is learn ability?

the ease with which a software application or product can be picked up and understood by users


What are the principles of interaction design?

establishing requirements

produce designs of interactive systems which satisfy those requirements (not just one design, but alternatives as well)

produce an interactive version of the design



What is interaction design?

Designing interactive products to support the way people communicate and interact in their everyday and working lives.


What are the characteristics of learnability?

Visibility - how clear it is what the user is meant to do

Constancy - you know a close button is a close button (red)

Familiarity - Red means stop

Accordance - design things so its clear what they do