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Beveridge Report (1942): 5 evils in our society

Want- Benefits
Ignorance- Free Education
Disease- NHS (1948)
Squalor- Council Houses
Idleness- Full Employment Policy


Social Democrats (1951-1979) Beliefs

Some groups will always be in a weak economic position
Everyone should be entitled to a basic standard of livig living which stops them from turning to crime


Social Democrats Policies

Universal Benefits
High taxation to fund free education and healthcare
Governments created jobs for able-bodied males, if needed.
1974, the top rate of earned income was 83%


Evaluation of Social Democracy

Fails to adjust to changes in society
Lone parents?
Assumes that everyone wants to work
Costs are too great for Britain to cope with


New Right (1979-1997) Beliefs

Society needs entrepreneurs
Taxes should be low on business people
The state should act as a referee
Not interested in relative poverty- there will always be inequality and the best people will thrive
Welfare causes poverty Murray- directly, Marsland- indirectly


New Right Welfare State

Reduction of welfare expenditure
Targeted benefits (means-tested)
Social policies made to reduce the cost of benefits by making absent parents pay for their children
Encouragement to use private businesses


Evaluation of New Right

Welfare expenditure was still high
Giddens (1990) poverty should be dealt with alongside healthcare, crime, problematic neighbourhoods, parenting and education. Fix underlying problems.


New Labour Welfare State (1997-2010)

Mixture of means-testing and universalism
Emphasis on rights and responsibilities
Emphasis on paid employment for everyone
Welfare provided by state, private, voluntary and informal providers (influence from Giddens)


Evaluation of New Labour

Social policies to get rid of poverty did not work
Expectation to work for income or benefits still causes problems to some groups e.g. mothers of older children
Was New Labour really new or just a mixture of left and right wing welfare?
NHS still suffers from waiting lists, lack of staff etc.
Wealthy people still get the best welfare options e.g. private schools and doctors- unfair advantage


Coalition (2010-2015)

Tuition fees increased- cap removed
Lots of stuff scrapped e.g. EMA, Child Trust Fund, BSF
Child Benefit became means tested
Universal credit will replace all specific benefits reducing cost as well as number in poverty and number of people who are unemployed


Eval of Coalition

Poverty was likely to increase under a New Right/Coalition government
Too much austerity