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Head of Liberal and Prime Minister?

Represents Liberal. Head of the government and nation. He comes up with new laws for the nation.


Head of Labor and Opposition Leader?

Represent Labor. Challenge governments decisions on behalf of their party. Head of the party not controlling the government.


Governor General?

Appoints judges. Suggested by prime minister, chosen by queen. Stays for 5 years. Gives queen idea of new legislation.


Premier of WA?

In charge of making decisions in WA.


Minister for Foreign Affairs and Deputy Head of Liberal?

Fills in for the head of Liberal when he's away. In charge of connections with other countries for Australia and helps Australians overseas who get into trouble.



In charge of the country's money. Oversees savings, debt and investments of the country.


Chief Government Whip?

In charge of discipline by making them come to parliament and voting for their party.


Speaker of the House?

Controls the debates in the house and kicks out unruly members.


Head of One Nation and Senator of Queensland?

Represents One Nation. Review and judge legislation (bills) that have passed the lower house.


Chief Justice of the High Court?

Head of the court and judiciary in the country. Boss of all judges.


Head of The Nationals and Deputy Prime Minister?

Fills in for the Prime Minister when he's away and represent The Nationals Party.