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The beauty of the day is dependant on the time of the day: it is fleeting and transient. It can pass in seconds so focus on the now. The poem is a snapshot in time.


Form and Structure

The poem has 3 stanzas that can be seen to symbolise the past, present, and the future. The rhyme scheme differs in each stanza.


'Where we made the fire'

The use of the word 'we' in the opening line reveals that the speaker is directing his words towards a person, or people.


'Summer time'

This period in time shows where her felt happier and carefree.


'Through winter mire'

Contrasts with winter time where things have changed and he has experienced lass (in the present)


'The forsaken place'

Describes a sense of loneliness that comes with the changes he couldn't avoid in life.


'Grass is grey'

The colour grey symbolises that which dull and lifeless.


'Just as last year'

This implies that quite some time has passed since the speaker was there.


'Two have wandered far'

The speaker reveals what has happened to two of the people as they have moved away and are no longer a part of his life.


'one- has shut her eyes'

He reveals the loss of a women who has died. Her death has caused his life to change significantly. Her death represents the winter and sadness of his life.