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What qualities should a GFI have?

Extroversion, leadership and knowledge to safely and effectively teach and modify exercise for a variety of participants.

Desire and ability to motivate participants.


What responsibility does the GFI have according to the Department of Labor?

The GFI is responsible for ensuring that their classes are motivating, safe and challenging yet not too difficult for participants


What is the Allied Healthcare Continuum?

The Allied Healthcare Continuum is composed of health professionals who are credentialed through certifications, registrations and/or licensure and provide services to identify, prevent and treat diseases and disorders.


What is the role of the physician/ Nurse Practitioner in the Allied Health Continuum?

Physicians evaluate patients to diagnose ailments and implement treatment plans. When treatment is outside of their scope of practice physicians refer patients to specialists for specific medical evaluations


What role do the physical and occupational therapists play in the Allied Healthcare Continuum?

They lead patients through therapeutic exercises and teach them to perform additional exercises at home to facilitate rehabilitation


What role do Athletic Trainers play in the Allied Healthcare Continuum?

Athletic trainers teach athletes exercises to prevent injury and take them through therapeutic exercise following injury


What is the told that the Registered Dietitians play in the Allied Healthcare Continuum?

Teach clients proper nutrition through recopies, meal plans, food preparation methods and implication of specialized diets.


What is a Scope of practice?

The scope of practice is the legal range of services that professionals in any given field can provide, the setting in which they can be provided and the guidelines or parameters that must be followed.


Why was the ACE Group Fitness Certification developed?

The ACE GFI Certification was developed to asses candidate competency in planning and leading group exercise sessions


What is the primary purpose of the GFI certification?

To protect the public from harm by assessing if the professional meets established levels of competence in the knowledge, skill and ability necessary to perform the job in a safe and effective manor


What are the factors that define a scope of practice?

The factors that define a scope of practice would be the education, training and certifications required to work in the given field along with the laws and organizations governing the professions as well as complementary professions within that same field


What purposes do the governing bodies in a profession serve?

Governing bodies in a profession set eligibility requirements to enter educational programs and to sit in certification exams. They also establish professional codes of conduct and disciplinary procedures for those who break codes.


Why should GFI's work within their refi ones scope of practice?

To provide effective exercise leadership to participants, gain and maintain support from the healthcare community and to avoid legal ramifications of providing service outside of their professional scope.


What Knowledge, Skills and abilities are evaluated in order to become an ACE GFI?

Your ability to develop and enhance rapport with participants, your ability to develop and apply appropriate and effective group instructional methods, your skill in providing appropriate class programming and design as well as your knowledge of the scope of practice are tested


What benefits come with having your ACE GFI Certification?

Professionals with ACE Certifications validate their capabilities and enhance their value to employers, participants and other healthcare providers.
ACE has a 3rd party accreditation from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA)