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T/F IC shall notify Dispatcher when wind impacted fire conditions exist in a FPMD

True. This info can be relayed all responding units.


5 Conditions needed for Wind Impacted Fire

Fire in an apt
Failed/opened window in fire room
Fire apt door leading to public hall left open or not fully closed
Area of low pressure on opposite side of public hallway from fire apt


Impact of Wind will be affected by (3 things)

Size of window opening
Fuel load
Stage of fire when window failed


T/F Direction and speed of wind at street level is a reliable indicator of wind conditions above the street level

False NOT reliable. Wind behavior is not consistent or predictable


T/F Wind Impacted fire in FPMD: all members must access the fire floor from the same stairway until the attack stairway has been determined



Alt strategy implemented for wind impacted fire, who must Lad get permission from to enter public hallway once alt strategy successfully implemented?

IC, Operations Section Chief, or Fire Sector Supervisor.


Alt Strategy successfully implemented and Lad has made it to fire apt door. Once the decision to enter has been made by IC and/or Fire Sector Supervisor, who enters apt first

Engine MUST enter apt first after contacting 1st Lad Roof FF, followed by Lad.


Fire/Smoke visible inside fire apt that is not venting out an open window is wind impacted. Choose correct
A. IC must immediately relay this info to all members on the scene
B. IC must communicate w/Off on fire fl to determine interior conditions
C. IC must determine alt strategies for extinguishing fire and communicate this to all Off and receive acknowledgement of change to regular SOPs
D. All of above



Choose incorrect for using exterior HL for wind impacted fire
A. Have resources available to place the stream into operation
B. Exterior streams such as HRN is very effective in knocking down wind impacted fire in MD due to larger compartmented area/rooms
C. Water must be applied to room where main body of fire is located to be most effective
D. Stream shall deflect off ceiling for best results
E. If fire extended to multiple rooms, exterior streams may have to be repositioned.

B. Smaller compartmented areas/rooms


In all incidents of immediate action taken by a single member for a known life hazard, the IC shall forward a report with full particulars to _

Chief of Operations. A thorough review of each of these incidents will be conducted.


Once an alt strategy has been implemented at a wind impacted fire, who may give approval for entry back into public hallway onto the fire fl to close the open fire apt door
B. Operations Sections Chief
C. Fire Sector Supervisor



Fire apt door found closed on arrival and window failure has not occurred, but sizeup indicates wind conditions exist, which tactics should be implemented prior to entry into the fire apartment?
a. HL can be advanced to and charged at the fire apt door
b. WCD may be deployed over an intact window on the orders of the Ladder Officer
c. WCD should be in position above, ready for immediate deployment
d. High Rise Nozzle should be ordered to the apt on the floor below
e. IC shall assign a member with a TIC to scan the windows of the fire apartment

B IC may decide to deploy a WCD over an intact window


Known life hazard at a wind impacted fire, the IC must be notified of which of the following point(s)?
a. When and if the fire apartment door is controlled
b. The location of the victim
c. When the victim is removed
d. Any rescue attempt—immediately after the members initiate the rescue attempt

D immediately prior to the members rescue attempt