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____ like us // she has ________ in ________ with the rest of __

not // little, common, us
Narrator -somehow implicated in the story
constantly inviting the reader to view Wolf-Alice in the same way - condescending tone from the offset


[Wolf-Alice] leapt _____ his ___ to lick without _________ the blood and dirt from his ______ and __________

upon, bed, hesitation, cheek, forehead
becomes a mother, lover and daughter to the Duke - no distinguishable connections between man and beast


____________ wolf // what we _______ have ____

imperfect // might, been
Transformation theme, fear and denial of animal nature in humans by the narrator


The ________, inv________ one in her absolute ___________ innocence

Inviolable (cannot be ignored), verimous
She is still innocent even though shes a beast