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What does EAPC stand for?

Employee Assistance Program Coordinator


What does SARC stand for?

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator


What does CISM stand for?

Critical Incident Stress Management


What does FAS stand for?

Family Advocacy Specialist


Under what program does the following categories fall under:

Domestic Violence
Coordinate Response
Case management



What does FRS stand for?

Family Resource Specialist


What program does each of the following categories fall under:

Special Needs
Elder/Child care
Grants and Scolarships



Describe 5 categories that would be classified as "Special Needs".

Mental Health


If you inform you supervisor, the command or law enforcement about the sexual assault it automatically becomes restricted or unrestricted report?

Unrestricted Report


Can you contact a military chaplain to receive help without triggering any reporting requirments?



What is an unrestricted report when reporting Sexual Asault?

Contact Work-life EAPC/SARC, Medical, Victim Advocate, supervisor, or command
Chain of command is notified
Victim Advocate attends to victim needs (provides support services)
Investigation initiated
Can Receive medical care
Can Receive counseling


What is restricted reporting as it pertains to Sexual Assault?

Contact work-life EAPC/SARC, Medical or Victim Advocate
Chain of Command is NOT notified
Victim Advocate attends to victim needs and provides supportive services.
Can receive medical care
Can receive counseling
No investigation initiated
Can still do unrestricted reporting at any time later if the victim request


True or False
If you tell anyone who then notifies your command or a LE entity, or if someone observes the assault and reports it, an investigation may be launched.



What is Sexual Assult?

“Sexual assault” is defined as intentional sexual contact, characterized by use of force, threats, intimidation, abuse of authority, or when the victim does not or cannot consent.


What is an HCP?

Health Care Provider


True or False
Alcohol is associated with the majority of Sexual Assault cases and the majority of cases are committed by those we know.



what are some prevention strategies for sexual assult?

establish a command climate that understands the criminal nature of sexual Assault the importance of preventing it.
Promote an environment were victims are willing to come forward
Holding perpetrators of sexual assault accountable for their behavior.
All members should attend Sexual Assault training


What is special needs?

Enrollment in the Coast Guard Special Needs Program is mandatory for all active duty service members who have dependent family members diagnosed with medical, psychological, physical, or educational special needs.


What benefits do members get who enroll there family members in the Special needs program?

Enrollment ensure early identification of families with special needs and maximizes the time for appropriate assignment consideration (such as overseas screening and entry approval process for Outside of Continental U.S. (OCONUS) locations).


Who would be your Primary contact for AD members in the field for all question regarding the Special needs program?

A Family Resource Specialist (FRS) in a HSWL RP is the primary point of contact for AD members in the field for all questions regarding the Special Needs Program. The role of the FRS is not to enforce enrollment but to increase program awareness, dispel myths, and encourage enrollment while facilitating access to a range of family support services


How often does the member need to update his/her special needs situation?

Special Needs Program enrollment updates for each family member enrolled in the program are due every 3 years or in conjunction with the submission of AD member’s e-resume, if member is tour complete.


OIC 's shall ensure what in regards to the special needs program?

(1) Ensure that all AD members under their command receive training and are aware of the Special Needs Program policy;
(2) Ensure AD members under their command comply with the mandatory enrollment requirement, if they have a qualifying family member eligible for participation in the Special Needs Program. It is recommended that confirmation of enrollment in the Special Needs Program by AD member be added to the command’s check-in list;
(3) Review the circumstances behind an AD member's failure to comply with the mandatory requirements of the Special Needs Program. Such failure may be attributable to the member or his/her adult dependent and may be costly to the Coast Guard and/or disruptive to mission success;
(4) Consult with the servicing legal office to determine if disciplinary or adverse administrative action (to include separation from the service) may be warranted for members failing to comply with this policy; and
(5) Take disciplinary or adverse administrative action, as warranted.


Who is responsible for family violence prevention initiatives, intervention strategies and case management

Family Advocacy Specialist (FAS)


Who is the primary POC for the special needs program?

Family Resource Specialist (FRS)


What is Special Need?

professionally diagnosed physical, psychological, medical or educational condition of a family member. This diagnosis may limit the AD member’s availability for worldwide assignment.