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Boxer's fracture and murphy's sign

Wrist and hand
Pte makes a fist. Examiner observes 3rd metacarpal bone (knuckle)
3rd knuckle is level or lower than 2nd and 4th
Dislocated lunate or fractured 3rd metacarpal


Ligamentous instability test of the fingers

Wrist and hand
Pte hold out hand (pronate) and index finger. Examiner hold hand with one hand and the distal phalanges with the other. Wiggle it.
Ligament laxity
Collateral ligament sprain


Grind test

Wrist and hand
Same as axial load test except we hold the proximal phalanges of the thumb and push it (and grind) rather than the metacarpal bone.
Pain or grinding sound in jt
Degenerative joint disease


Finkelstein test

Wrist and hand
Pte makes first AROUND the thumb. Examiner stabilizes forearms and deviates wrist
Stenosing tenosynovitis or De Quervain's syndrome


Bunnel-littler test

Wrist and hand
Pte extends wrist. Examiner flexes the PIP jt
Inability to flex PIP jt
joint capsuler tightness


Tinel's sign of wrist

Hand and wrist
Examiner taps the pte's carpel tunnel over the median nerve
Tingling, pain and numbness
CTS (carpel tunnel syndrome)


Phalen's test

Hand and wrist
"Falling down" or upside down praying in front of chest, for 1 min
Pain, numbness and tingling


Reverse Phalen's test

Hand and wrist
"Praying position" in front of chest for 1 min
Pain, numbness and tingling


Carpal compression test

Wrist and hand
Examiner holds Pte's wrist with both hands and applies pressure over the median nerve in the carpal tunnel for 30s
Pain, numbness and tingling


Pinch test

Wrist and hand
"Ok, ain't OK"
Pte is asked to form an OK sign with index and thumb. Only the tip should touch and not the pad touching
Entrapment of Anterior interosseous nerve


Axial load test / compression test

Hand and wrist
Stabilize wrist with one hand, the other hand grasp pte's metacarpal bone of the thumb and applies axial compression (push in) and grind
Carpal/metacarpal fracture