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Palpitation, insomnia; precordial pain, pallor, pale or blue complexion, swollen tongue with ecchymoses; intolerance to cold, cold limbs, thin and white slippery coating; deep threads and slow pulse

Deficiency of heart yang


Palpitation, insomnia; fullness of chest, sob; disinclination to speak, listlessness, lassitude; spontaneous sweating; aggravated after activities; pallor, pale tongue; weak knotted or intermittent pulse.

Deficiency of heart qi


Sudden and profuse sweating, cold limbs up to the elbow or knee joints; coma, minute or knotted pulse

Sudden collapse of heart yang


Palpitation, insomnia, dreaming, amnesia, dizziness, blurred vision; pale and lustreless complexion, pale lips, nails, and tongue. Threads and weak pulse.

Deficiency heart blood


Palpitations, irritability, insomnia, dreaming; afternoon fever or low fever, malar flush, burning sensation in the chest, palms, soles, night sweats, dryness of throat; yellow urine, constipation, red tongue with little coating, thready rapid pulse.

Deficiency of heart yin


dysphoria with hot sensation in the chest; insomnia, even mania and delirium; flushed face, thirst, yellow urine, constipation, and rapid forceful pulse; deep-red tip of the tongue, or ulceration and pain of the mouth and tongue; hematemesis and epistaxis; skin ulceration, swelling and burning pain.

hyperactivity of heart fire


palpitation; suffocating feeling and pain in the chest radiating to the shoulders, the back, and the interior aspect of the forearm which attacks intermittently; stabbing pain, dark purple tongue with ecchymosis and petechiae, thready, unsmooth, or knotted and intermittent pulse.

obstruction of the heart vessels by blood stasis


palpitation; obesity with excessive phlegm, heaviness of the body, severe suffocating pain, white sticky tongue coating, deep and smooth pulse.

obstruction of the heart-vessels by phlegm


palpitations; sudden attacks of megalgia which can be relieved by warmth, aversion to cold, cold limbs, pale tongue, white tongue coating, deep and slow pulse or deep and tense pulse.

Obstruction of heart-vessels by cold


palpitations; distending pain and oppression feeling in the chest, the attacks often have something to do with emotional factors, pale-red or purple-red tongue with thin white coating, taut pulse.

Obstruction of the heart-vessels by Qi stasis.


sallow complexion; nausea and fullness in the epigastrium; mental confusion, slurred speech, even loss of consciousness; rattle in the throat; mental depression, dullness; dementia, muttering, soliloquy, abnormal behaviour, sudden collapse, unconsciousness, salivation, gurgling sound in the throat; upward staring eyes, convulsions; a screaming sound like a pig/sheep; white and sticky coating and slippery pulse.

Phlegm misting the heart (mental confusion due to phlegm)


high fever; flushed face and red eyes; coarse breathing; yellow and sticky sputum, rattle in the throat; mania, incoherent speech, delerium; red tongue, yellow and sticky coating, slippery rapid pulse; insomnia, irritability; fullness in the chest and profuse sputum; dizziness and blurring of vision; weeping and laughing without apparent reason; mania and restlessness, aggressive and violent behaviour.

Phlegm-fire disturbing the heart


Irritability; thirst; ulceration of the mouth/tongue; deep yellow urine, burning pain in the urethra, hesitant urination; red tongue yellow coating.

Excess heat in the Small Instestine


Common heart symptoms

palpitation, mental restlessness, insomnia, suffocating feeling and pain in the chest, delirium, loss of consciousness.


Common symptoms of Small Intestine

dark red and scanty urine, hesitant urination with burning pain.


Common heart syndromes

DEF= qi, blood, yin, yang
EX= invasion of heart-fire, phlegm-fire, phlegm misting, obstruction of vessels.



Common Small Intestine syndromes

Excess heat in SI



Common Spleen syndromes

DEF= qi, sinking qi, yang, fail to control blood, cold-damp
EX= damp-heat



Common Spleen symptoms

poor appetite, abdominal distension and pain, loose stools, diarrhea, edema, lassitude, and hemorrhage.


Common Stomach symptoms

epigastric pain, nausea, vomiting, hiccups, belching


Common Stomach syndromes

DEF= yin
EX= retention of food, cold, heat



loss of appetite; abdominal distention that is especially worse after eating; loose stools, or loose stools after dry stools; lassitude, emaciation; SOB, disinclination to speak; pallor and edema; sallow complexion; pale tongue, white coating, retarded and weak pulse.

Deficiency of Spleen Qi


Epigastric sag and distention which becomes more serious after meals or work, continuous diarrhea and dysentery, prolapse of the anus, prolapse of the uterus, gastroptosis, nephroptosis, vertigo and blurred vision, weariness, SOB, unwillingness to speak, low voice, pale tongue with white coating, feeble pulse.

Sinking of Spleen Qi


Abdominal distention, loss of appetite, abdominal pain which can be relieved by warmth or pressing, loose stools, and cold limbs or heaviness of the limbs, or general edema, difficult urination, profuse dilute leucorrhea, pale and puffy tongue, white and slippery coating, deep, slow and weak pulse.

Deficiency of Spleen Yang


bloody stools, hematuria, hematohidrosis, menorrhagia (excessive menstral flow), metrorrhagia and metrostaxis; poor appetite, loose stools, lassitude, weakness, SOB, disinclination to speak, pallor pale tongue, white coating, thready weak pulse.

Failure of the Spleen in controlling blood


Fullness and distending pain in the epigastrium and abdomen, loss of appetite, loose stools, diarrhea, nausea, tasteless mouth, absence of thirst, heaviness of the head and body, sallow complexion, icteric skin and eyes that are dark yellow as if having been smoked, edema, scanty urine, pale puffy tongue, white slippery coating, soft and retarded pulse.

Disturbance of the spleen by Cold-Damp


Fullness in the abdomen, loss of appetite, nausea, loose stools, yellow scanty urine, heaviness of the body and limbs, icteric skin, eyes in a fresh bright color like oranges, itching, raising and falling fever which cannot be relieved after sweating, red tongue, yellow sticky coating, and soft rapid pulse.

Retention of Damp-Heat in the Spleen


Dull pain in the epigastrium, anorexia, dryness of the mouth and throat, constipation, or fullness in the epigastrium, retching, hiccups, red tongue, little coating, thready rapid pulse.

Deficiency of Stomach Yin


Distention, fullness and pain in the epigastrium and abdomen which can be relieved after vomiting, foul belching, sour regurgitation, and anorexia, vomiting, loose stools, diarrhea with foul stools, thick and sticky coating, smooth pulse.

Retention of Food in the Stomach


Epigastric pain which is continuous in mild cases and shows contracture and megalgia in severe cases and which is aggravated by cold and relieved by warmth, tasteless mouth, absence of thirst, lassitude, weakness, cold limbs, all of which can be relieved by warming, or pain which can be relieved after eating, with accompanying splashing sound in the stomach, vomiting of clear water, pale tongue, white slippery coating, slow wiry pulse.

Cold in the Stomach