About Brainscape

Brainscape is a web and mobile study platform that helps you learn things faster. Our mission is to create a smarter world by simplifying and accelerating the learning process.

The Team

  1. Andrew e3661f6614975c27178e0c1788b935bdf69ffa0417a9f3844105b8142ef4f4a1

    Andrew Cohen

    Founder & CEO

    Self-taught programmer. Created Brainscape v0.1 in 2006. eLearning consultant at World Bank; MA Education Technology at Columbia University.

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  2. Andy 28b16eb392160b2dd13efb050a065747b9ea4ba47adcf32d389016a5d3b8c6ef

    Andy Lutz

    Chief Product Officer

    VP of Product at The Princeton Review, where he ran web/live services earning $100m/yr

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  3. Jeff 80168da78b0ed772c3d9e707501c48839f3ce8c87ab82efb883070fecc75b31b

    Jeff Holliday

    Chief Technology Officer

    Software Engineer at Intuit on TurboTax Mac/iPad. Creator of Flashcardlet, the successful free iPhone/iPad studying application. MS Information & Computer Science, UC Irvine.

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  4. Jonathan 127352644c2570c0a27e094255b33cc7786b6c9b964fa48cfab7e1b42e886ae7

    Jonathan Thomas

    VP Engineering

    Dir. Engineering, Zoodles (acq. by HTC); Lead Engineer, Monster, HP, Exodus

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  5. Jensen 7f846a04cd1f7d6f4de3b63876a50076b99ccc8aff65b3c5faee0acc95b4637a

    Jensen Galan

    VP Mobile Engineering

    Senior Software Engineer at Counterpane Internet Security (acquired by British Telecom). ESL sensei in Japan, and middle school teacher in a former life. MS Computer Science, SFSU.

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  6. Newton c5b168a61417ef7fd68fe3580003382ccaaa2ac1d4e474a548153d966d6494da

    Newton Sun

    Director of Web Engineering

    Founder & CEO of IQFuse (acq. by Brainscape), Chief Architect at Workshop Cafe, and Director of Engineering at Match Analysis. BS Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences, UC Berkeley.

  7. Jon feb3706b077c5747c8975e743719155ed01cb0c7bf8871fe348fbc345177a298

    Jon Laing

    Lead Designer and Fungineer

    Senior Web Application developer at American College of Physicians. BFA Illustration & Design, University of the Arts

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  8. Amanda 547323b3ecc6cc6e3b8f2fda33459c074831960337e760fa7157af8c2dc94fe0

    Amanda Moritz-Saladino

    Community Manager

    Bachelors in Cognitive Science, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Certifiable WordPress ninja.

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  9. Ike 9d1363857d17122f9fb495431423d3fe9581731e95a0bd9816b7280c696e02b9

    Ike Wilson

    Content Manager

    Teacher at Ulysses S. Grant Foundation; Bachelors in French from Yale. Writer, DJ, basketball player, and learning enthusiast.

    The New Yale Man

Key Advisors

  1. Mike faa177758b3c0b82ed7d48188348bb8391867ef9b160cf34cc981d19882eb962

    Mike Cavaliere

    Chief Experience Officer

    Senior web engineer from advertising industry; NYC BigApps 2009 prize winner; Huge Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) geek

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  2. David d119cbd45ab4e858653ab552c52c98e1c8369ae6d488b9f31feb3fa2235e16e8

    David deForest Keys

    Business Development

    Founder and former CEO of ClearPoint Learning Systems, a pharma eLearning pioneer

  3. Jay 33d415acd4d8245125506e7f276ae2b4a09c84682a44c1c6f60732bf11e0d100

    Jay Stramel

    Software Architecture

    Senior Application Architect for Intuit, developing and maintaining systems for multimillion concurrent users

  4. Matt 1be8eb83e51b3d202a6aecfd283b6e2529a51f7003b18d0e049f96b78663bc67

    Matt Curinga

    Learning Sciences

    Co-founder & CTO of Crisp Wireless; Doctorate in Education Technology from Columbia University

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