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App: Banking
Banking book,
Trading book,
Corporate banks
25  cards
Contract design stakeholders,
Contract design factors,
Reasons for calculating provisions
116  cards
What are the roles of banks 4,
List the different types of banks 5,
Describe traditional deposit taki...
22  cards
0 - Introduction
What makes the acc actuarial,
What does the specifying the prob...,
What does the monitoring the expe...
17  cards
1 - Actuarial Advice
List public sector stakeholders t...,
List 12 stakeholders involved in ...,
List 7 areas in which actuaries c...
14  cards
2 - The external environment
List the factors to consider in r...,
Describe the underwriting cycle,
What two forms of gi cover are co...
16  cards
3 - Regulation
Prescriptive regulation,
Freedom of action regulation,
Outcome based regulation
24  cards
4 - Introduction to financial products and customer needs
Summarize the three main principl...,
Insurance contract,
Reinsurance contract
20  cards
5 - Benefits overview and providers of benefits
Give three examples of other orga...,
What benefits might the state pro...,
What is a multi employer scheme a...
14  cards
6 - Life insurance products
Give examples of customer needs m...,
Under what circumstances are bene...,
List 15 life insurance products
18  cards
7 - Health insurance products
Main types of healthcare products,
Aspects to consider in product de...,
Types of underwriting for short t...
35  cards
8 - General insurance products
Define indemnity and give example...,
Outline the seven features of lia...,
List the perils covered under per...
20  cards
9 - Bond and money markets
Outline three situations when ind...,
List ten investment and risk char...,
List nine investment and risk cha...
19  cards
10 - Equity and property markets
Define the term ordinary share,
List eleven investment and risk c...,
Describe the cashflows on an ordi...
30  cards
11 - Other investment classes
Outline the purpose of collective...,
Define closed ended in the contex...,
Define open ended in the context ...
39  cards
12 - Behaviour of the markets
State the key risks to which an i...,
How is the general level of the m...,
What are the two main factors aff...
46  cards
13 - Valuation of investments
List 8 methods used to value indi...,
What are the advantages and disad...,
What are the advantages and disad...
27  cards
14 - Relationship between returns on asset classes
State the formula for the require...,
State the formula for the expecte...,
What does it mean if the required...
13  cards
15 - Choosing an appropriate investment strategy
What criteria should an investmen...,
Give 4 examples of possible inves...,
Give three examples of how risk m...
20  cards
Ch 16: Asset-liability management
What are the two key principles o...,
List the features that might be c...,
Describe the cashflows on a singl...
35  cards
17 - Investment management
Define active investment management,
Define passive investment management,
Give the main risks of active man...
28  cards
18 - Modelling
Give the different sources of mod...,
What characteristic of actuarial ...,
How do we assess the variability ...
29  cards
19 - Data
What is personal data,
Examples of personal data,
What is sensitive personal dat
47  cards
19 - Data filtered
What is personal data,
Examples of personal data,
What is sensitive personal dat
38  cards
19 - Data COPY
What is the main concern of using...,
List the eight conditions of the ...,
Describe the popi act condition o...
38  cards
20 - Setting Assumptions
Which characteristics of cashflow...,
Which characteristics of cashflow...,
List the demographic assumptions ...
32  cards
21 - Mortality and morbidity
When is it appropriate to set the...,
Give an example of a type of cove...,
If the individual assessment of r...
21  cards
Ch 22: Expenses
Give examples of expenses that ar...,
How do the expenses relating to a...,
Explain briefly the process of al...
16  cards
Ch 23: Contract design
List 18 factors to consider when ...,
List the 7 key parties involved i...,
List the factors influencing the ...
30  cards
Ch 24: Pricing and financing strategies
What is the difference between th...,
Formula for the value of premiums...,
List other factors to consider wh...
21  cards
25 - Risk Governance
Define risk management process,
Give the steps that make up the r...,
Give the concerns that the identi...
19  cards
26 - Risk Identification and Classification
Give the key factors to understan...,
Describe the main techniques used...,
Give the project management risk ...
19  cards
Ch 27: Financial products and benefit scheme risks
What are the two key risks to a b...,
What is the key risk to the state...,
What are the 4 key areas of benef...
17  cards
28 - Accepting Risk
Explain why a market for risk exists,
How is risk efficiency defined,
How are regulators involved in th...
21  cards
29 - Risk Measurement and Reporting
How are risks quantified,
Why is it difficult to model low ...,
How is operational risk usually q...
36  cards
30 - Risk Transfer
Give the possible mitigation resp...,
How can a financial provider avoi...,
What is an important point to get...
30  cards
31 - Other Risk Controls: Retained Risks
Explain the issue with diversific...,
Within which areas can diversific...,
What is the main aim of underwriting
16  cards
32 - Provisions
How are risk management and provi...,
Why does a firm want to reduce it...,
Describe the relationship between...
24  cards
33 - Valuation of Liabilities
Give the different approaches ava...,
Give the key assumption when usin...,
Under which scenario is a discoun...
27  cards
34 - Reporting Results
List the important accounting con...,
When analysing accounts attention...,
Outline what information can be f...
17  cards
35 - Insolvency and Closure
Under which circumstances is a fi...,
Why is it unlikely for an insuran...,
Give strategies that the regulato...
18  cards
36 - Capital Management
What does capital management of a...,
Give the capital needs of individ...,
Give the capital needs of a company
28  cards
37 - Capital Requirements
What are the two components of re...,
What is the use of the additional...,
Give the components of the pruden...
30  cards
37 - Capital Requirements COPY
Why do providers of financial ben...,
What 2 components make up the reg...,
What 2 approaches are available f...
39  cards
38 - Surplus and Surplus Management
Give the considerations needed wh...,
Define profts,
Define surplus
21  cards
39 - Monitoring
Give the reasons for monitoring e...,
Give the data requirements for ex...,
Describe the analysis process for...
21  cards
40 - Definitions
Accrual rate
181  cards
Ch 26: Risk identification and classification
Outline 5 methods of identifying ...,
Suggest 7 categories of risks tha...,
Wider risk identification techniques
24  cards
Ch 31: Other risk controls
List 4 risk management tools avai...,
Give 5 examples of how an insurer...,
Why might an insurance company us...
18  cards
Purpose of distribution,
The 4 p s of marketing,
How financial service products ar...
5  cards

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