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USPSTF Guidelines
USPSTF Grade A and B Guidelines (last update 1/22/23)
49  cards
Diabetes Guidelines and Medications
AAFP Board Review lecture: Diabetes ADA guidelines 2021
162  cards
AAFP Board Review lecture: Endocrine
65  cards
AAFP Board Review lecture: Hypertension
60  cards
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131  cards
AAFP Board Review lecture: Acute Kidney Disease & Chronic Kidney Disease
113  cards
Emergency Medicine
AAFP Board Review lecture: Emergency Medicine Parts 1 & 2
134  cards
Peripheral Vascular Disease
AAFP Board Review lecture: PVD
57  cards
General Surgery
AAFP Board Review lecture: Surgical Abdomen
72  cards
Maternity Care
AAFP Board Review: Maternity Care Parts 1 & 2
101  cards
STIs and Vaginitis
AAFP Lecture: STI, Vaginitis, Vaginosis
73  cards
Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
AAFP Lecture: Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
77  cards
No deck description has yet been added by the author.
223  cards
186  cards
Dr. Pickles' FM Review
USPSTF Grade A and B Guidelines (last update 1/22/23)
36  cards
Dermatology COPY
No deck description has yet been added by the author.
223  cards

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Flashcards for family medicine residents based on AAFP Board review material, AAFP, USPSTF, CDC and Uptodate articles

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