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CNS Eye Vision
What nervous system primarily sti...,
Describe the flow and drainage of...,
List the contents of the cavernou...
3  cards
What sudden painless vision loss ...,
Risk factors for crao,
Cherry red fovea is associated wi...
20  cards
Emergency Ophthalmology
Instrument used for anterior segm...,
List the painless visual loss,
Retinal detachment1 dx2 tx
51  cards
RRCC Ophthalmology Pt I II and III
Where do tears come frain,
Where do tears drain,
Function of the iris
55  cards
Conductive hearing loss,
Conductive hearing loss,
Neural hearing loss
46  cards
Pathogens and treatments of conditions
Auricular perichondritis,
Acute otitis media,
Malignant otitis externa
12  cards
Blood -Schoenwald
White blood cell normal range
50  cards
Antibiotics (Exam 2)
All beta lactams,
All penicillins,
All cephalosporins1st generation
111  cards
FTT & Movement Disorders (Exam 2)
A syndrome of weight loss decreas...,
A person must be considered _____...,
If a pt had malnutrition or weigh...
88  cards
EKG stuff- Exam 2
The __________ node is the primar...,
The ________ node slows impulses ...,
The ________ ___ ____ goes from t...
63  cards
Dementia (Exam 2)
Dementia is defined as a decline ...,
T f to be considered cognitively ...,
What are the 5 diagnostic symptom...
100  cards
Exam 2- Martin's lectures (HA,Peripheral Nerve,Sz/Syncope)
True or falsecranial nerves are p...,
Autoimmune disorders tend to be _...,
In myasthenia gravis weakness occ...
49  cards
Diseases and meds
What medication would you use for...,
What 2 medications can you use fo...,
What two medications can you use ...
61  cards
Neuro-Schoenwald (Exam 2)
What is the most common cause of ...,
Meningitis can cause what type of...,
True or false there are vaccines ...
28  cards
Adrenal Disorders 1
Where are the adrenal glands located,
Outermost zone of adrenal cortex,
Middle zone of adrenal cortex
80  cards
Pheochromocytomas are rare tumors...,
A pheo in the adrenal medulla wil...,
Peak incidence of pheos is what a...
19  cards
Parathyroid Disorders (Exam 3)
How many parathyroid glands are t...,
What hormone do the parathyroid g...,
What are the functions of serum ca 2
31  cards
Adrenal Disorders -MEN, CAH, etc
What does men stand for,
Men1 or aka,
Men1 affects which 3 areas
9  cards
Skin Infections- Schoenwald
What organism is involved in foll...,
What is the tx for folloculitis,
What should be avoided in follicu...
68  cards
Labs of Endocrine- Schoenwald
What is dm type 1,
What is dm type 2,
What is the mc endocrine disorder...
55  cards
Diabetes #3
What are the 2 main groups that m...,
Abcs of diabetes are,
Microvascular complications of di...
21  cards
Disorders of GH (Paulson, Exam 3)
What is the most common cause of ...,
If you are concerned about a gh d...,
You are concerned your pt has gh ...
12  cards
EKG III and IV (Exam 3)
Which kind of sinus dysrhythmia i...,
When you hear the word junctional...,
You are looking at an ekg from le...
41  cards
Case Wrap Ups (Clin Med Lab Midterm)
Clues to help you dx pad,
What is the buerger test,
What is peripheral artery disease
77  cards
Valvular Disorders
Name the 4 valves,
What are 2 functions of the valves,
T or f all 4 valves are 3 cusped
14  cards
HTN (Exam 4)
How often should adults 40 y o be...,
How often should adults 18 39 w o...,
What is the blood pressure equation
66  cards
Cardiology Labs (EXAM 4)
What is included in a lipid profile,
Hdl and ldl which is good and whi...,
Should lipid profile be collected...
38  cards
Acute Coronary Syndromes And Cardiac Conditions Dr. Ross Exam 4
Acute coronary syndrome is which ...,
Is stable angina part of acute co...,
What is good for predicting popul...
19  cards
Peds Cardiology (Exam 4)
What is an innocent heart murmur,
Roughly ___ of kids will have a m...,
What are the 6 types of innocent ...
105  cards
Lipids (Exam 4)
________ are the major forms of c...,
Cholesterol esters triglycerides ...,
_______ form when proteins and ph...
96  cards
EKG V and VI
What do you look at on an ekg to ...,
What are the four types of av blocks,
Characterisics of first degree av...
32  cards
Hall cardiomyopathies
What are the three types of cardi...,
What is dilated cardiomyopathy,
What is the most common form of n...
61  cards
Hypotension (Exam 4)
Technically at what systolic and ...,
True or false some peoples normal...,
True or false older thicker folks...
40  cards
Chf is the most common __________...,
What are the important epidemiolo...,
Who is the most at risk for devel...
53  cards
A-fib (Exam 4)
Most common clinically significan...,
What is the epidemiology of a fib,
Most common predisposing diseases...
73  cards
Name that murmur
A harsh systolic ejection murmur ...,
A high pitched blowing diastolic ...,
A low pitched mid to late diastol...
9  cards
Sleep Meds Final
Sleep disorders are more common in,
One theory on sleep disturbance i...,
Sleep disturbance may also arise ...
40  cards
Respiratory Distress/Disorders Ross Final
What is the classis triad of pulm...,
How can pe also present outside o...,
What is the pathophys of pe
59  cards
Pulmonary Neoplasia Witwer FINAL
What is the risk of aggressive ma...,
On pulm imaging if it is under 3 ...,
You have a pt with area of suspic...
36  cards
Pulmonary 1 (Asthma) - Jaynstein Final
What are examples of obstructive ...,
What are examples of restrictive ...,
What is an example of disorder of...
37  cards
Pulmonary COPD - Jaynstein Final
Copd is a preventable disease sta...,
What percentage of smokers develo...,
What is chronic bronchitis
64  cards
Infections of the Respiratory system - Schoenwald Final
Which organisms contain lipopolys...,
Color of gram negative and gram p...,
What about gram negative organism...
104  cards
Peds Pulmonary - Hughes Final
What are vascular rings a,
What are the two most common type...,
71  cards
Pulmonology Labs/ABGs- Schoenwald final exam
What is the main function of arte...,
Arterial blood gases abgs measure...,
Name the primary buffer system of...
66  cards
Misc Labs final
Hcg is present in _______ days af...,
In what case may beta hcg be pres...,
Beta hcg is normally used to meas...
35  cards
Pneumonia - Witwer Final
T f with evaluation of pneumonia ...,
Radiographic appearance can help ...,
Does the absence of radiographic ...
39  cards
medication side effects (cardiology)
Thiazide diuretics,
Acei pts w ckd dm hf w ef post mi,
18  cards
Pneumothorax- Witwer
The lung surface is covered by a ...,
The inner surface of the thoracic...,
What lies between the visceral an...
42  cards
Derm Modules 2
A 25y o female presents to you wi...,
A 30y o nurse is transferred to a...,
A 30y o female is diagnosed with ...
52  cards

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