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Decks in this class (12)

1.1 - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
What is business enterprise,
What does all business activity n...,
What is a good
30  cards
1.2 - Spotting a Business Opportunity
What can a market be,
What does market market mean,
What doe market in terms of product
56  cards
1.3 - Putting a Business Idea into Practice
What do businesses need to have t...,
How can financial aims be measured,
How is survival a financial aim f...
95  cards
1.4 - Making the Business Effective
What happens when an entrepreneur,
What is the easiest business to s...,
What are sole trader businesses
67  cards
1.5 - Understanding External Influences on Business
What is a stakeholder,
What do different stakeholders have,
How are different stakeholders af...
138  cards
2.1 - Growing the Business
What are there loads of,
What kind of growth is slow,
What is internal growth
102  cards
2.2 - Making Marketing Decisions
What is the marketing mix importa...,
What do the different parts of th...,
What different elements make up t...
111  cards
2.3 - Making Operational Decisions
What are the two main purposes of...,
What does a business that produce...,
What is job production
83  cards
2.4 - Making Financial Decisions
What do businesses have to keep a...,
What can you find on an investment,
What is the return on an investment
40  cards
2.5 - Making Human Resource Decisions
What do organisational structures do,
What is it important that a firm has,
What do most firms have in their ...
141  cards
Break-Even, Profit, Loss etc.
What is sales revenue,
What are fixed costs,
What are variable costs
19  cards
Formula M
Tc total cost,
Break even point in units
14  cards

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