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1. gcse combined master

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B1 Cells
Name structure a,
Name the liquid found in vacuoles,
Where do chemical reactions happe...
60  cards
B2 Photosynthesis
What is the function of the chlor...,
Name the sugar made in photosynth...,
Name the two chemicals needed for...
26  cards
B3 Heart and blood vessels
Give the function of the heart,
Name the chamber labelled,
What is the purpose of the circul...
33  cards
B4 Respiration
Name 2 chemicals needed for aerob...,
Why do all cells need to respire,
How are chemical reactions contro...
33  cards
B5 Non communicable disease
What is a non communicable disease,
What is meant by the term risk fa...,
Name three risk factors for cardi...
28  cards
B6a Communicable (infectious) disease
What is a pathogen,
Name two diseases caused by bacteria,
Give the symptoms of gonorrhoea
36  cards
B6b Immunity
Give four human non specific defe...,
Explain how the skin prevents the...,
Explain how the nose prevents the...
15  cards
B6f Drug development
Give an example of an antibiotic,
Which type of pathogen can be kil...,
How do antibiotics treat disease
27  cards
B7 Digestion
Name the body system shown on the...,
Name five organs found in the dig...,
What is the purpose of the digest...
40  cards
B8 Exchange surfaces
What is diffusion,
What are the main factors that af...,
Describe how the alveoli are adap...
28  cards
B9a Transpiration
Name the organ shown in the diagram,
Name the organ shown in the diagram,
Name the organ shown in the diagram
21  cards
B9b Translocation
What is translocation,
Name the tissue used to transport...,
How is phloem adapted for its fun...
7  cards
B10 Cell division
What are chromosomes made of,
What is a gene,
How many chromosomes are found in...
18  cards
B11a Reproduction
Name the two types of reproduction,
What does the term rerpdiction mean,
Name two types of cell division
23  cards
B11b Hormones in human reproduction
Name the main female reproductive...,
Name the gland that releases oest...,
After puberty eggs being to matur...
29  cards
B12a DNA structure
Where is the genetic information ...,
Name the chemcial found in the ge...,
Name the molecule shown in the pi...
33  cards
B12b Inheritance
What are gametes,
What is a chromosome,
Define the term gene
48  cards
B13a Variation and evolution
Give a definition of variation,
What are the causes of variation,
What is a mutation
39  cards
B13b Classification
Name the scientist who developed ...,
What are the classes of organisms...,
Which features are living organis...
12  cards
B14a Organisation of Ecosystems
Plants are producers what does th...,
What do all food chains start with,
Name the group of organisms that ...
32  cards
B14b Communities and adaptations
What is an ecosystem,
Name three things that plants com...,
Name three things animals compete...
28  cards
B14c How materials are recycled?
The diagram shows the water cycle...,
The diagram shows the water cycle...,
The diagram shows the water cycle...
14  cards
B15 Biodiversity and pollution
What is biodiversity,
Why are ecosystems more stable wh...,
Name an ecosystem that has high b...
29  cards
B16 Homeostasis
What does the term homsostasis mean,
Name three factors that are conto...,
Name the type of organ found in t...
36  cards
B17 Nervous system
What is the function of the nervo...,
Name the organs found in the cent...,
Define the term stimulus
28  cards

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