1. the quest for political stability, 1625-88

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Charles i believed he was king by,
What year did charles i become king,
Who sparked civil war in 1642
22  cards
Charles I and parliament, 1625-29
How many parliaments did charles ...,
Which religion did charles i open...,
Why did many view arminianism as ...
19  cards
Personal Rule and its failure, 1629-40
What enabled charles i to reduce ...,
What did charles exploit which di...,
What was the key source of income...
18  cards
The failure to compromise, 1640-49
What did mps agree to do in 1640 ...,
Where did divisions among mps beg...,
Explain the root and branch petit...
15  cards
The First Civil War, 1642-46
What position was charles i in at...,
What was the first major battle o...,
What happened in 1643
8  cards
The failure to reach a negotiated settlement, 1646-49
The parliament s military forces ...,
Who did the political presbyteria...,
Who were the political independen...
20  cards
Republican rule, 1649-60
In the years 1649 60 several atte...,
What did cromwell and his support...,
What did the rump parliament do i...
20  cards
The role of Cromwell, 1640-58
How did cromwell emerge as a nati...,
When did cromwell become more sig...,
Who was arguably a bigger driving...
27  cards
The Restoration Settlement, 1660-64
What did charles ii issue before ...,
How did charles ii and the conven...,
Charles ii had promised
9  cards
Conflicts between king and parliaments, 1665-81
Who dominated political life in t...,
What was edward hyde held respons...,
Charles ii after the second anglo...
25  cards
Personal Rule and the collapse of royal power, 1681-88
What steps did charles ii take to...,
When did charles ii die,
Which party did james ii support
10  cards
Why did monarchical government fail in the years 1625-49?
What were the main reasons for ch...,
What happened when charles asked ...,
How much in a loan did charles ga...
16  cards

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1. the quest for political stability, 1625-88

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