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Tissues, membranes + cavities
Define tissue,
Define organ,
What is a group of organs called
22  cards
cardiovascular system
What 3 components make up the car...,
What are the functions of the car...,
Discuss the flow of blood to and ...
33  cards
Digestive System
What cells line the gi tract,
Give an example of an accessory o...,
List the 7 activities of the dige...
24  cards
Respiratory System
Breathing in is known as,
Breathing out is known as,
How does inspiration work
25  cards
Muscular System
What are the functions of muscles,
What are the 4 characteristics of...,
Which type of tissue wraps and re...
35  cards
Urinary System
What are the urinary organs,
Write a short note on the kidneys,
Describe the structure and locati...
43  cards
Skeletal system
What are 6 functions of the skeleton,
What bone protects the brain,
What bone protects the spinal cord
58  cards
Nervous System
What is a neuron,
Basic parts of the neuron,
What is the cell body
55  cards
Endocrine System
What is prostaglandin made from,
Functions of prostaglan,
What are some growth factors prod...
49  cards
Lab 1
Bmr women,
Bmr men,
28  cards
Lab 6
Reaction times diagram,
Simple reaction time,
Recognition reaction time
5  cards
Lab 5
What does the kidney do,
What occurs in nephrons,
10  cards
Lab 4
What are enzymes,
What are transport mechanisms
16  cards
Lab 3
How does air move in out of lungs,
14  cards
Lab 2
Food pyramid,
What can an unhealthy diet cause,
Portion of high fat sugar salt
9  cards
Reproductive System
What is asexual reproduction,
What is sexual reproduction,
What are the gametes
36  cards
Homeostatic Systems
Calcium levels,
T3 t4 levels,
Blood sugar levels
4  cards

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1.2 human biology

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