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Filipino Lesson 1 - 3
Pagsasalin sa papel o sa anomang ...,
Ang pagsulat,
Ano ang apat na makrong kasanayan...
69  cards
MIL Lesson 1 -
Parts of comm model one who sends...,
Parts of comm model the informati...,
Parts of comm mode
13  cards
Gen. Bio. PPTs: Cell Theory
Characteristics of Life & Cell Theory
28  cards
Gen. Bio. PPTs: Prokaryote vs Eukaryote
Prokaryotic Cells vs Eukaryotic Cells
22  cards
Gen. Bio. PPTs: Cell Parts and Functions
Majorclassification include proti...,
What are the 3 basic cell structu...,
44  cards
O. Comm. Lesson 1 to 7
Focuses on: nature function process of communication models of communication comm breakdown like barriers and resolving
46  cards
Filipino Lesson 3, 13 - 15
Isang akdang sumusuri o pumupuna ...,
Maingat ditong binibigyang pansin...,
Isa itong detalyadong ulat ng pol...
31  cards
Filipino Yugto sa Talumpati
Yugtotalumpati 1 layunin ng okasy...,
22  cards
General Biology: Cell Modification
What are the 3 types of cell modi...,
Apicalmodification aka brush or s...
25  cards
General Biology: Plant Tissues
A group of cells of the same type...,
What are two group classification...,
Class have cells which are contin...
36  cards
General Biology: Animal Tissues
Tissues what,
2 groups of animal tissues,
Group of animal tissue simple squ...
50  cards
MIL: Information Literacy
Module 4
29  cards
MIL: Evolution of Media
Before 1700 bce people discovered...,
Pre industrial,
Pre industrial
38  cards
MIL: Responsible Use of Media
American micro blogging and socia...,
American online video sharing pla...,
American social media and network...
22  cards
Gen. Bio. PPTs: The Cell Cycle
The actual division of the cell i...,
The division of the nucleus of th...,
Sometimes cells go through _____ ...
23  cards
Gen. Bio. PPTs: Mitosis (Cell Cycle Cont.)
Organisms grow by the addition of...,
4 main phases of mitosis,
Mitosis chromosome condense
21  cards
Gen. Bio. PPTs: Meiosis
A division of the nucleus that re...,
Meiosis is important in _________...,
This involves combining the genet...
35  cards
Sir Nico PPTs: The Cell Cycle
Interphase or mitotic phaseg1 s1 g2,
Interphase or mitotic phasemitosi...,
O longest event in the cycleo cel...
18  cards
Ocomm: Speech according to purpose and delivery
A type of public communication to...,
Pros and cons of mass communicati...,
A sustained formal presentation b...
17  cards
Ocomm: Verbal and Nonverbal Cues
Verbal cues,
Non verbal cues,
Verbal cuesshould fit the occasio...
15  cards
General Biology: Cell Membrane Transport Mechanism
Function of plasma membrane chann...,
Function of plasma membrane engul...,
Function of plasma membrane due t...
51  cards
HOPE Modules: 1 and 2
Which of the following fitness te...,
Bmi measures_____________a flexib...,
Flexibility is measured by a sit ...
26  cards
HOPE Modules: 3 and 4
Two types of barriers,
Personal barriers factors this is...
34  cards
HOPE Modules: 5 and 6
Fitt acronym for,
Fitt the more physical activity w...,
22  cards

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