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Week 1
Define therapeutic goods,
How are medications regulated,
How many stages in clinical trials
20  cards
Week 2
Define pharmacokinetics,
Define pharmacodynamics,
Name the 2 types of pharmacologic...
20  cards
Week 3
How many steps are there in the m...,
What is the 1st step of the mmc n...,
What is the 2nd step of the mmc n...
26  cards
Week 4
What is the autonomic nervous sys...,
Name 3 ans functions,
What are the 2 subdivisions of th...
28  cards
Week 5
List 5 types of chemical mediators,
Name the 3 places histamines are ...,
List 3 things histamine triggers
14  cards
Week 6
What are the 2 duration categorie...,
What are the location categories ...,
Define nociception
14  cards
Week 7
Define pathogen,
Name the 2 types of bacteria,
Describe gram bacteria
19  cards
Week 8
What is the cardiovascular system...,
What does the cardiovascular syst...,
What is the renal system comprise...
25  cards
Week 9
What does the endocrine system do,
What does the endocrine system in...,
What is the endocrine system comp...
11  cards
List 3 examples of active failure...,
List 2 examples of latent conditi...,
What does apinchs stand for
59  cards
Antivirals and Antibiotics
Define bacterial agents,
Define bacteriostatic antibiotics,
List the 4 key modes of action of...
24  cards
Cardiovascular Medications
What is the classification of sta...,
What do statins do,
What pleiotropic effects to stati...
27  cards
Renal Medications
What do loop diuretics do,
What is furosemide an example of,
List 2 nursing considerations of ...
3  cards
Endocrine Medications
How many endocrine medications ca...,
What does the thyroid stimulating...,
What does the adrenocorticotrophi...
17  cards
Respiratory Medications
Define apnoea,
Define dyspnoea,
Define tachypnoea
25  cards
EOT Exam Prep
What is the formula to calculate ...,
A patient requires 5mg of zyrtec ...,
What are the 3 routes of administ...
57  cards
Pain and Analgesics
Pain inflammation and fever are i...,
What are nociceptors,
What is the classification indica...
8  cards

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