18eca001 - principles of macroeconomics

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L1 - Measuring the Macro Economy
What is macroeconomics,
How is macroeconomics defined,
What are targets
30  cards
L2 - The Circular Flow of Income - from Quesnay to Kenyes
What occurs in a barter economy,
Why are barter economies inefficient,
What are exchanges like with money
17  cards
L3 - Measures of National Income, Output and Expenditure
What are the 3 ways to measure gdp,
What is the output method,
What is final demand
30  cards
L4 - Interpreting National Income Measures
How can we show how much of each ...,
How can we define private savings...,
How can we rearrange the national...
18  cards
L5 - Business Cycles and Aggrgate Spending
What is the factor market,
What are some examples of a facto...,
What is labour as a factor market
55  cards
L6 - Aggregate Expenditure and the Multiplier
How does a change in gdp effect t...,
How does a increase in desire spe...,
What happens when an investment s...
17  cards
L7 - Net Exports, Equilibruim Income and Economic Policy
What are exports as part of the n...,
What are imports as part of the n...,
What is net exports as part of th...
20  cards
L8 - The Aggregate Demand Curve
What are the two model we have co...,
How does price level affect aggre...,
What did different economist beli...
19  cards
L9 - The Determination of Wage, Price and Supply
What are the basic assumptions fo...,
What is seen as the variable inpu...,
What is the problem with labour b...
22  cards
L10 - The AD-AS Model
What does the ad as model look like,
What are some key things to remem...,
What are the two types of potenti...
19  cards
L11 - Cycles in Economic Activity
What is a comparative static,
What are long cycles,
What do long cycles supposedly af...
23  cards
L12 - Unemployment: Causes Consequences and Cures
What are the two measures of unem...,
What is the claimant count,
What are the problems with the cl...
36  cards
L13 - The Classical Model of Economic Growth
How is economic growth defined,
What can be noted from the defini...,
What is the uk growth experience
22  cards
L14 - The Neo-Classical Model of Economic Growth
Why did economic growth dramatic ...,
What are some key national accoun...,
What is the production function
25  cards
L15 - Economic Growth - Evidence, Benefits and Costs
What are the benefits of economic...,
What are the costs of economic gr...,
Why is opportunity costs a cost o...
14  cards
L16 - The Evolution, Characteristics & Functions of Money
What is money,
Why was money developed,
What are the characteristics and ...
31  cards
L17 - Models of the Banking System
What was the origins of the moder...,
What was the origins of bank notes,
What are banks
24  cards
L18 - Money, Interest and GDP: The LM Curve
What does lm and is mean,
What are stock variables,
What are flows
36  cards
L19 - Investment, Interest and GDP: The IS Curve
What is investment,
How are investments financed,
Why do firms want to increase the...
22  cards
L20 - The IS-LM Model and Macroeconomic Policy
What does the is lm model look li...,
How will fiscal policy cause shif...,
How will monetary policy cause sh...
12  cards
L21 - Central Banks
What is the function of central b...,
What are the general aims of cent...,
What are three important day to d...
14  cards
L22 - Fiscal and Monetary Policy
How is fiscal policy defined,
How is stabilization policy defined,
How is budget deficit defined
29  cards
L23 - Inflation
Who are the main central banks an...,
What is a demand shock,
How does the demand shock affect ...
13  cards
L24 - The Phillips curve, expectation and credibility in inflation
What is the phillips curve,
What does the wage phillips curve...,
How can we relate the phillips cu...
18  cards
L25 - The Balance of Payments and Exchange Rates - Part 1
What are the two exchange rate ma...,
What is the rise and fall of the ...,
What is the exchange rate
28  cards
L26 - The Balance of Payments and Exchange Rates - Part 2
What is the balance of payments,
What is the current account broke...,
What is the capital and financial...
14  cards
L27 - Economic Policy in an Open Economy
Why do we need to look at the int...,
What is arbitrage,
What does capital flow mean in th...
27  cards
L28 - International Trade and Commercial Policy
What is it called when a country ...,
What is international trade neces...,
What are the three main sources o...
18  cards
L29 - Financial Crisis
What is a financial crisis,
What is the first part of the ana...,
What is the second part of the an...
23  cards

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