1st year systems: cardiovascular

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Overview of cardiovascular system
Describe varying vessel function,
What do arterioles act as,
What is the flow equation
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Electrical activity of the heart
What does the term functional syn...,
Gap junctions between membrane of...,
Desmosomes between membrane of ca...
28  cards
Embryology CVS 1
What happens in the first major s...,
What happens in the second major ...,
What happens in the third major s...
45  cards
Embryology 2
Define vasculogenesis,
Define angiogenesis,
Fate of the 1st and 2nd aortic ar...
37  cards
A first look at the ECG
What does sll i stand for,
What does sll ii stand for,
What does sll iii stand for
16  cards
Regulation of stroke volume
What is heart rate controlled by,
What does starlings law state,
What does the term preload mean
22  cards
Exchange and the Lymphatic System
Describe continuous capillaries,
Describe fenestrated capillaries,
Describe discontinuous capillaries
30  cards
Regulation of Arteriolar Resistance + pressure and flow
How is arterial pressure measured,
Describe what you should hear in ...,
What is systolic pressure
30  cards
Short term control of blood pressure
What is the equation for mean art...,
What is the driving force pushing...,
If your mean arterial pressure is...
28  cards
Hypertension treatment
What methods can be used to ident...,
Nice definition of stage 1 hypert...,
Nice definition of stage 2 hypert...
50  cards
Hypertension pathophysiology, presentation and investigation
Small rise in blood pressure can ...,
Blood pressure is the worlds,
End organ damage examples in hype...
32  cards
Long term control of blood pressure
How is blood pressure controlled ...,
What is not involved in the long ...,
What 3 hormone systems are involv...
34  cards
Pathophysiology of atheroma
What is atheroma atherosclerosis,
What can the formation of atherom...,
What is a serious consequence of ...
27  cards
Stable angina
Define angina,
Describe the pathophysiology of m...,
What is the most common cause of ...
51  cards
Pathophysiology of thrombosis and embolism + Rheumatic fever/heart disease
What term is used to describe nor...,
What is stasis,
Define turbulence
32  cards
Pathophysiology of ischaemia and infarction
Define ischaemia,
Define infarction,
How can blood can become stagnant
19  cards
The Cardiac Cycle COPY
What happens during late diastole,
What happens during atrial systole,
What happens during isovolumic ve...
23  cards
Stroke presentation, investigations and therapy
Stroke symptoms 11,
Who definition of stroke,
If symptoms last less than 24 hou...
34  cards
Valvular heart disease
Where is the mitral valve in the ...,
What can cause mitral stenosis,
What happens to lv pressures and ...
46  cards
Aneurysms and carotid artery disease
What is aneurysm disease of the a...,
Artery wall is made up of what 3 ...,
Causes of aneurysm disease 3
54  cards
Congestion and oedema
Define congestion,
How is congestion dissimilar to a...,
Example of clinical pathology exa...
48  cards
Genetics and cardiovascular disease
Causes of congenital heart disease,
What does congenital heart diseas...,
What is vacterl association
47  cards
nutritional aspects of cardiovascular disease
What are the cardiovascular diseases,
What are examples of coronary hea...,
What is stroke
9  cards
Stable angina therapy
Hyperlipidaemia how does it cause...,
Mortality due to ischaemic heart ...,
Mortality due to cerebrovascular ...
35  cards
valvular and ischaemic heart disease - therapy
Causes of cardiac ischaemia 6,
Patient with ischaemic heart dise...,
What is 3 vessel coronary artery ...
30  cards
Arterial disease of the limbs/ critical limb ischaemia
5 normal palpable pulses not incl...,
What is buergers disease,
What is gangrene
32  cards
Chronic heart failure
Define heart failure,
Prevalence of hf in uk,
Why is the prevalence of hf in th...
37  cards
Cardiomyopathy, Myocarditis and pericarditis
Dilated cardiomyopathy,
Causes of dilated cardiomyopathy,
Which gene commonly causes cardio...
46  cards
Heart failure treatment
When does r heart failure only co...,
Two types of heart failure,
Systolic heart failure hfref hear...
38  cards
Aortic disease
3 layers of aorta elastic artery,
Risk factors of atherosclerosis,
When does atherosclerosis begin
33  cards
Venous lymphatics - Presentation, investigation and therapy
Define what a varicose vein is,
Risk factors of varicose veins,
Associated symptoms of varicose v...
35  cards
Cardio formative
Whilst lying down in the recumben...,
Describe gap junctions in cardiac...,
Out of cardiac and skeletal muscl...
26  cards
Arrhythmias - pathophysiology, presentation + investigation
Which arrhythmia has the highest ...,
What is supraventricular ectopy,
Presentation of patient with a he...
28  cards
Arrhythmias:- treatment
Supraventricular arrhythmias,
Ventricular arrhythmias,
What causes the fast depolarising...
45  cards
Infective endocarditis
Define infective endocarditis,
Incidence of infective endocarditis,
Risk factors for native valve ie
42  cards
Deep vein thrombosis and thromboembolism - presentation, investigation and therapy
What is a clot made up of,
Describe the process of thrombosis,
Arterial thrombosis mechanism loc...
28  cards
Imaging of circulatory disturbances
Types of anatomical vascular imag...,
Types of functional vascular imag...,
Problems with vascular imaging
33  cards
Acute coronary syndromes: presentation, management and treatment
What is the 2nd most common cause...,
What is an acute coronary syndrome,
What is cardiac arrest 4
61  cards
stroke- presentation
Whats the commonest cause of long...,
How many nhs beds to people who h...,
What is a stroke
46  cards

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