2-economics- micro

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1.1- Economic Methodology And The Economic Problem
Basic economic problem,
What are the 4 questions form the...,
Factor rewards
71  cards
1.2- Price Determination In A Competitive Market
Demand curve,
58  cards
Definitions Test- October/november 2022
Capital goods
20  cards
Market Failure And Externalities
Why may the market fail,
Productive efficiency,
Allocative efficiency
101  cards
Practise Questionss
Specialisation what may reduce be...,
For benefits of specilaisation to...,
There is a large increase in the ...
33  cards
Production, Costs And Revenue
Benefits of agglamationition,
Division of labour
82  cards
Market Structures
Criteria for perfect competition,
Sr to lr for perfect competition,
Allocative efficiency perfect comp
142  cards
Price Discrimination
Price discriminatuion,
Is price discrimination bad plan,
Price discirimnation bad social b...
20  cards
Labour Market
Derived demand,
Demand for uemp,
Marginal rev product of labour
72  cards
The Distribution Of Wealth- Income And Inequality
Ways in which wealth can be held
41  cards
Behavoural Econ
Behavoural econ,
Bounded rationality,
61  cards
Paper 3
Timing for paper three,
10 marker,
Limitations for 10 marker
4  cards
Market and gov failure,
Gambling related legislation,
15  cards
Key Points
Factors affecting profitability,
How is conc ratio set out,
Causes disecon of scale
40  cards

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2-economics- micro

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