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2018 Cardiovascular Disease 14% - lipid 2%
Opening snap click,
Closure of valves makes what hear...,
Loud s1
365  cards
2018 General Internal Medicine 13%
Pt with pad risk factors and susp...,
68yo m pw intermittent claudicati...,
If equivocal abi 09 1
478  cards
2018 Gastroenterology 9%
Chest pain intermittent unrelated...,
Many month history of dyspepsia l...,
Treatment of new onset severely a...
452  cards
Infectious Disease 9%
Mcc bacterial endocarditis,
Prosthetic valve,
Native valve endocarditis
325  cards
2018 Rheumatology and Orthopedics 9%
Rheumatoid arthritis,
283  cards
2018 Medical Oncology 6%
Colon ca risk factors,
Decrease risk colon ca,
Familial adenomatous polyposis
334  cards
2018 Neurology 4%
Cluster h a,
Tension h a
276  cards
2018 Lipidology 2%
Type i chylomicrons,
Type ii ldl,
Type iii idl
35  cards
Pulmonary Disease 9%
Obstructive dz dilated,
Obstructive constricted,
Intrathoracic restrictive constri...
309  cards
Hematology 6%
Erythrocyte lineage,
Inc d retic count bm working prop...,
Dec d retic count
272  cards
Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism 9%
Screen for pituitary gonadal axis,
Screen for pituitary adrenalaxis,
Most sensitive determinant of pit...
351  cards
Nephrology and Urology 6%
Primary d o,
Acid base method,
Non gap metabolic acidosis causes
327  cards
Dermatology 3%
Acute excema,
Subacute eczema,
Chronic eczema
141  cards
Allergy & Immunology 2%
Hypersensitivity rxns,
Type i hypersensitivity,
Tyope ii cytotoxic
86  cards

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