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Tissue Preservation and Fixation
Why do samples need to be preserv...,
What exactly happens if our sampl...,
Give six components of tissue tha...
50  cards
Tissue Processing
Why is tissue processing needed,
What are the four steps in tissue...,
In general how is tissue prepared...
32  cards
Embedding, Microtomy and Cryotomy
What must be done after tissue pr...,
Define embedding,
Why is embedding carried out
49  cards
0  cards
Pathology of Connective Tissue and Bone
0  cards
Microbes and Accumulations
What are accumulations,
Write about the processing of lip...,
Describe the method of lipid proc...
24  cards
What are the four main types of c...,
Where is glycogen found,
Where is glycoproteins found
23  cards
Pigments and Minerals
Define what a pigment is,
How are pigments defined in biology,
Classify pigments
49  cards
Histochemistry - Principles and Methods
Define histochemistry,
What is the general aim of histoc...,
Give two methods of staining
47  cards
Histochemistry in Disease Diagnosis
Write about the liver biopsy 5,
Explain how a liver biopsy would ...,
What stains are often carried out...
30  cards
What is immunocyto histochemistry,
What are four characteristics of ...,
How does immunostaining work
51  cards
Immunohistochemistry - Prognosis
What is the main proliferation ma...,
What is ki67 4,
What are therapy markers 3
57  cards
Immunohistochemistry - Undifferentiated
What are the four main applicatio...,
Write about autoimmune disease in...,
Write about immunostaining in cyt...
32  cards
Cancer Classification and Identification
What is cancer staging 5,
What is cancer staging 5,
What is tnm
46  cards
Cancer Screening Programme
What is the national cancer scree...,
What are some downfalls of the na...,
What are the key goals of the nat...
48  cards
Cytology and Cytopathology
Define cytology,
Give some examples of methods of ...,
What is cytopathology
35  cards
Cytology Specimen Processing
What does cervical cytology invol...,
What does diagnostic cytology inv...,
What are the two main cervical cy...
60  cards
Diagnostic Cytology
What is diagnostic cytology 4,
What is another application of di...,
What are the two diagnostic appli...
62  cards
Cervical Pathology
What is the cervix 3,
What are the two main components ...,
What is the extocervix
50  cards
Molecular Methods
What is molecular diagnositics,
What are molecular methods,
What are the four methods of dna ...
44  cards
CQ and QM
0  cards
Practical 1: Morphology
What are the two types of epithelia,
How do we distinguish epithelia t...,
How are epithelial cells speciali...
55  cards
Practical 2: Haematoxylin and Eosin Stain
How wide are your microtomy slices,
Describe the h e stain,
How do you use your haematoxylin ...
8  cards
Practical 3: H&E and Oil Red O Stain
What is embedding,
Why do we use paraffin wax for mo...,
What does ffpe stand for
26  cards
Practical 4: Masson Trichrome, Elastin, Gordon and Sweet's Stains
In your own words what is connect...,
Write a note on connective tissue 3,
List the six functions of connect...
39  cards
Practical 5: Perls Prussian Blue, Congo Red, AB/PAS, Grocott's Silver
Why might iron accumulate in organs,
Why might we be staining for carb...,
Why might we stain for amyloid 3
27  cards
Practical 6: Clinical Cytology
What is a direct smear 3,
How are your cultured cells prepa...,
What is the main difference betwe...
9  cards
Practical 7: Immunohistochemistry Staining
What method of immunohistochemist...,
Explain what the avidin biotin co...,
What are the three main uses of i...
12  cards
Things I forget
How do you rehydrate your slides ...,
How do you dehydrate your slides ...,
How do you rapid dehydrate your s...
6  cards

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