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Research Methods: IV DV - TW
What is an independent variable,
A dependent variable is what is m...,
What is a dependent variable
20  cards
Social Influence: Types of Conformity
Compliance is,
Define identification 3 marks,
Define internalisation
22  cards
Social Influence: Explanations of Conformity
Asch s study only used males in t...,
Asch s study is gender bias how d...,
Asch s study was only conducted o...
40  cards
Social Influence: Variables Affecting Conformity TW
Name three variables that affect ...,
Which variable was investigated b...,
Which variable was investigated b...
35  cards
Social Influence: Conformity To Social Roles - FF
Who studied conformity to social ...,
Social roles are the parts that p...,
Social roles are accompanied by e...
50  cards
Social Influence: Milgram & Situational Variables Affecting Obedience
Define obedience,
What is the key term for the foll...,
Which key researcher investigated...
34  cards
Y12 Social Influence: Explanations of Obedience - Agentic state and legitimacy of authority- JA
What are the two explanations of ...,
Legitimacy of authority and agent...,
What is meant by legitimacy
44  cards
YR12 Social Influence: Explanations for Obedience A03
Who provided research to support ...,
What do we use hofling for in exp...,
What was hoflings sample
13  cards
Social Influence: Explanations Of Resisting Social Influence - TW
Name two explanations for resista...,
Name the dispositional explanatio...,
Name the situational explanation ...
31  cards
Y12 Social Influence: Minority Influence & Social Change - MR
Here is the first mark point for ...,
Which minority influence key term...,
Explain consistency
46  cards
Social Influence: Dispositional Explanation of Obedience
Why is the dispositional explanat...,
What type of personality is the d...
35  cards
Psychopathology: The Behavioural Explanation Of Phobias - The Two Process Model DS
The behaviourist approach would s...,
What 2 things make up the two pro...,
Classical and operant conditionin...
30  cards
Psychopathology: Behavioural, Cognitive And Emotional Characteristics Of Phobias - JWW
Name the 3 categories that charac...,
Behavioural characteristics are t...,
The way we act is linked to what ...
32  cards
Psychopathology: Definitions Of Abnormality- KR
What is meant by dsn,
What is meant by deviation from s...,
What is meant by deviate
89  cards
Psychopathology: The Behavioural Treatments Of Phobias - SD And Flooding TW
Name two behavioural treatments f...,
Systematic desensitisation uses w...,
Classical conditioning is learnin...
38  cards
Psychopathology: The Behavioural, Emotional And Cognitive Characteristics Of Depression - JWW
Name the 3 categories of characte...,
Name the 3 behavioural characteri...,
Name the 3 cognitive characterist...
23  cards
Psychopathology: The Cognitive Explanation & Treatment Of Depression TW
The term cognitive refers to,
The cognitive approach suggests d...,
A student has written the followi...
50  cards
Psychopathology: The Biological Approach To Explaining and Treating OCD TW
Name 3 biological approaches to e...,
Undesirable genes which cause ocd...,
Name 2 maladaptive genes which ha...
81  cards
Attachment: Caregiver Infant Interactions- KR
Define attachment,
What is meant by attachment,
An emotional link between an infa...
67  cards
Attachment: Stages Of Attachment - MH
Who carried out research on stage...,
What was the aim of schaffer and ...,
What is a longitudinal study
44  cards
Attachment: Role Of The Father- KR
What is meant by the role of the ...,
Who conducted research into the r...,
Where does this topic stem from a...
30  cards
Animal Studies: Lorenz & Harlow TW
The aim of lorenz s research was ...,
Harlow found that the rhesus monk...,
Lorenz identified a critical peri...
40  cards
Attachment: Explanations Of Attachment - Learning Theory TW
What two learning theories can be...,
Classical conditioning is learnin...,
Operant conditioning is learning ...
25  cards
Attachment: Explanations Of Attachment - Bowlby’s Monotropic Theory RN
Adaptive bowlby suggests that att...,
Bowlby stated that humans are bor...,
What are some example of social r...
30  cards
Attachment: Ainsworth’s Types Of Attachment TW
What is the purpose of the strang...,
The strange situation used what t...,
What was ainsworths sample when t...
50  cards
Attachment: Cultural Variations Of Types Of Attachment DS
What was the aim of van ijzendoor...,
How many children did cultural va...
12  cards
Attachment: Bowlby’s Theory Of Maternal Deprivation TW
What type of consequences are cau...,
What is meant by seperation,
A child not being in the presence...
26  cards
Memory: The Multi Store Model Of Memory - Coding Capacity And Duration - JWW
What is the keyterm how we proces...,
What is the keyterm the amount of...,
What is the keyterm this is how l...
75  cards
Attachment: The Influence Of The IWM on Childhood And Adult Relationships DP
According to bowlby what does a c...,
The internal working model acts a...,
What is a child likely to have if...
37  cards
Memory: Explanations For Forgetting Pro/Retroactive Interference & Retrieval Failure Due To Absence Of Cues - JWW
Name the two examples of forgetti...,
Interference occurs due to how ma...,
Interference happens when one mem...
33  cards
Memory: Factors Effecting The Accuracy Of Eyewitness Testimony TW
What are 2 factors affecting eye ...,
What are 2 examples of misleading...,
Leading questions is an example o...
48  cards
Memory: The Working Memory Model - JWW
The wmm explains which type of me...,
The idea that stm is a unitary st...,
Who created the wmm
57  cards
Memory: Explanations For Forgetting Pro/Retroactive Interference & Retrieval Failure Due To Absence Of Cues - JWW COPY
Name the two examples of forgetti...,
Interference occurs due to how ma...,
Interference happens when one mem...
33  cards
Memory: Improving The Accuracy Of Eyewitness Testimony - The Cognitive Interview - JWW
The police use which type of inte...,
What does the cognitive interview...,
What type of questions are used i...
31  cards
Research Methods: IV DV AIM - RN
What is an independent variable,
What is a dependent variable,
When identifying the iv in an exp...
18  cards
Research Methods: Sampling Techniques - KU
A group of people who are the foc...,
Define target population,
What is a sample
34  cards
Research Methods: Experimental Designs - Independent Groups, Repeated Measures, Matched Pairs - KR
What is meant by an independent g...,
Which experimental design has dif...,
How is an independent groups desi...
57  cards
Research Methods: Experimental Methods - Lab Field Natural Quasi - KB
Where do lab experiments take place,
What variable is manipulated in a...,
Why does the researcher manipulat...
42  cards
Research Methods: Hypotheses - DS
There are 3 types of hypothesis d...,
There are 3 types of hypothesis n...,
There are 3 types of hypothesis d...
27  cards
Attachment: The Effects Of Institutionalisation & Romanian Orphan Studies MR
Give an example of an institution,
Define institutionalisation,
Name the three effects of institu...
33  cards

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