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ATI: #3 Targeted Medical-Surgical 2013: Neurosensory and Musculoskeletal
Select all that apply a nurse is ...,
A nurse is planning care for a cl...,
A nurse is caring for a client wh...
30  cards
ATI: #4 Targeted Medical-Surgical 2013: Endocrine
A nurse in an outpatient clinic i...,
A nurse is assessing a pt with dm...,
A nurse is caring for a pt with t...
30  cards
Chapter 49: Nursing Management: Diabetes Mellitus
1 which statement by a nurse to a...,
2 a 48 year old male patient scre...,
3 a 28 year old male patient with...
49  cards
Chapter 14 Infection and Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection and Chapter 13
An antigen is a substance that el...,
Immunity is classified as,
Innate immunity is
147  cards
Chapter 14 Infection and HIV Study Guide
Which characteristic corresponds ...,
What finding supports the diagnos...,
Which characteristics describe pn...
9  cards
Ch48 Hiv Viral Infections
Interferon alpha 2b mad lamivudine,
5  cards
Ch 27 blood products
What exactly does blood products ...,
What does the blood product wbc do,
What does the blood product packe...
22  cards
Antiinflammatory and Antigout Drugs
Allopurinol chemical classification,
Allopurinol mechanism of action,
Allopurinol uses
44  cards
Antiviral Drugs
Acyclovir chemical classification,
Acyclovir mechanism of action,
Acyclovir uses
36  cards
LA#6 (Musculoskeletal) chapters 64, 65, 66, 67 in Med Surg
Based on the nurses understanding...,
While assessing a patients muscul...,
When the doctor tells a patient t...
149  cards
Registered RN Quiz
Which of the following symptoms d...,
Type 1 diabetics typically have t...,
A patient with diabetes has a mor...
10  cards
NCLEX Style Quiz
Which of the following causes of ...,
The insulin that has the most rap...,
Insulin forces which of the follo...
37  cards
immunity nclex style questions
Cellular immunity comes into play...,
Which of the following accurately...,
The technique of assisting the bo...
10  cards
Nocturnal hypoglycemia,
Appropriate tasks for non health ...,
While performing an admission ass...
6  cards
Rapid acting insulin,
Short acting insulin,
Immediate acting insulin
15  cards
Musculoskeletal System
What are the common symptoms of r...,
What methods would a nurse use to...,
What activity recommendations sho...
38  cards
Final 20
Type 1 rapid hypersensitivity,
Type 2 cytotoxic,
Allergic rhinitis
35  cards
Final 19
Aids first identified in,
Hiv looking for,
Distinction between hiv and aids
22  cards
Chapter 18
Primary oa
42  cards
Ch. 48
A nurse is teaching a client abou...,
The student nurse is performing a...,
The client s chart indicates a se...
24  cards
Ch. 47
A client has a corneal ulcer what...,
An older client has decided to gi...,
A client is in the preoperative h...
18  cards
Ch. 46
The nurse has given a community g...,
The nurse reads on a client s cha...,
A client s chart indicates anisoc...
9  cards
targeted immune
Hiv characteristics,
Rheumatoid arthritis teaching,
Group teaching for people on a hi...
14  cards
Endocrine pharm
What are the 6 different types of...,
What are the 3 types of injectabl...,
What are the different types of i...
74  cards
Targeted endocrine
Diabetic foot care,
S s hypoglycemia,
S s hyperglycemia
26  cards
LA#8 ( Cancer) Chaps 18, 30, 45, 54, 57 in Med Surg
While she is being prepared for a...,
A patient has been told by his ph...,
A patient tells the nurse that he...
30  cards

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