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1. Cellular Anatomy
Provides shape and does not allow...,
What is the function of histones,
Which has a bead on strings appea...
77  cards
2. Cellular Division
Phase when cells stop dividing,
3 phases of interphase,
Phase chromosome duplication
38  cards
3. Cellular Transport
Movt of mol from low to high conc...,
Types of passive transport,
Simple diffusion is aka
47  cards
4. Body tissues-Basic types of Proteins
Lines and covers body surfaces an...,
Protect support and bind body tis...,
Type of body tissue for movement
119  cards
5. Connective Tissue Cells-Lymphatic System
Largest wbc,
Combination of monocytes that is ...,
Fixed macrophage located in the s...
166  cards
6. Integumentary System
2 parts of the integumentary system,
Lining of epidermis,
4 cell types in epidermis
242  cards
7. Skeletal System
Part of bone resp for hematopoies...,
Hydroxyapatite is composed of,
Part of bone resp for fat storage
204  cards
8. Skeletal Part II: Joints
Part of the palatine bone that fo...,
Part of the palatine bone that fo...,
True or false palatine bones form...
169  cards
9. Musculatory System I
Formative immature cells of muscles,
Non striated involuntary,
Spindle shaped muscle tissue
183  cards
10. Musculatory II and Nervous I (CNS)
Muscles of mastication are innerv...,
Fan shaped muscle,
Temporalis origin insertion actio...
203  cards
11. Nervous System II (PNS)
Group of neuronal cell bodies out...,
Group of neuronal cell bodies ins...,
Bundle of axons in pns
166  cards
12. Nervous System III (PNS-Histology)
4 sensory branches of cn v3,
4 motor branches of cn v3,
4 other muscles that is innervate...
188  cards
13. Nervous System (Injuries/Disorders)
Least severe nerve injury damage ...,
Nerve injuries that are capable o...,
Nerve injury without wallerian de...
79  cards
14. Endocrine System I
Aka hypophysis or master s gland,
Pituitary gland is found in,
Pituitary gland is controlled by
91  cards
15. Endocrine System II
Low blood osmotic pressure has bl...,
Stimulates adh secretion,
Hormone responsible for calcium r...
180  cards
16. GIT System
What are the gut associated lymph...,
These are the collections of lymp...,
Tonsils are collectively known as
164  cards
17. Genitourinary System
Produces male gametes spermatogon...,
Connective tissue surrounding the...,
Site of spermatogenesis
59  cards
18. Urinary System
How many segments in a nephron ki...,
Functional unit of kidney,
Macrophages of kidney
75  cards
19. General pathology
Indicates that an antigen antibod...,
209  cards
20. Microbio: Bacterial pathology
Bacteria assoc pigment red metach...,
Bacteria assoc pigment red,
Bacteria assoc pigment bluish gre...
251  cards
21. Microbio: Viral/Fungal/Parasitic Pathology
Virus can either be,
Dna virus common to produce laten...,
Herpes virus in oral cavity
162  cards
22. Systemic Pathology
Accumulation of blood in pericard...,
Beck s triad,
3 diseases assoc with rhd rf
234  cards
23. Pharmacology: Part 1 (-Anticonvulsants)
Branch of medicine concerned with...,
Branch of pharmacology concerned ...,
Branch of pharmacology concerned ...
204  cards
24. Pharmacology: Part II (Narcotics-Non narcotics)
Gold standard of narcotics,
Narcotics are derived from what t...,
Narcotics are also known as 3os
120  cards
26. Pharmacology IV (Classifications of drugs in ANS)
Drugs used to increase nerve acti...,
Bq most toxic drug
148  cards
25. Pharmacology III (Steroidal Drugs-Alcohol)
Drugs with suffix of sone and lone,
Mechanism of action of steroids i...,
Pharmacologic uses of steroids
49  cards
27. Pharmacology V (Cardiovascular/Antibiotics/Antifungals
Pacemaker of the heart,
Bq which of the ffg is an anti ar...,
Antiarrythmic drug bp fxn
97  cards
28. Pharma: SUFFIXES
24  cards
29. Anesthesiology
A drug which when applied locally...,
Action of local anesthetics block...,
Injectable form of local anesthesia
82  cards
30. Orthodontics I
Father of modern dentistry,
Father of ortho,
Mb cusp of max 1st molar lines up...
183  cards
31. Orthodontics II
3 classifications of posterior cr...,
Palatal expanders for pre adolesc...,
Most common most conservative pal...
129  cards
32. Orthodontics III
Conditions associated with supern...,
Other term for gardner s,
Supernumerary teeth with polyps i...
51  cards
32. Orthodontics III
Conditions associated with supern...,
Other term for gardner s,
Supernumerary teeth with polyps i...
51  cards
33. Pediatric Dentistry
Bq how many teeth erupted at 16 m...,
Teeth present immediately after b...,
Danger of natal teeth
170  cards
34. Dental Materials/ Prostho (CD)
Example of inelastic imp matl,
Example of elastic imp matls,
Reversible hydrocolloids used in ...
199  cards
35. Prostho II (RPD/FPD)
Class i kennedy,
Class ii kennedy,
Class iii kennedy
265  cards
36. Restorative Dentistry
Tetralogy of denta caries,
Triad of thumbsucking,
Microorg in enamel caries
144  cards
37. Oral Surgery
Contraindications for endodontic ...,
Rx app of vertical root fractures,
Rx app of ext root resorption
73  cards

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