3rd year millwright

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Industrial Refrigeration
What is the vapour compression sy...,
What are five hazards that exist ...,
True or false heat travels from h...
48  cards
Heat Exchangers
Why are finned tube heat exchange...,
What is conduction,
What does it mean to have forced ...
35  cards
What are three kinds of pressure ...,
What is a manometer used for,
How can you remove static electri...
25  cards
Gas and Air Dryers
What is the dew point,
What is the relative humidity of ...,
How many grains of water are cont...
20  cards
Laser Shaft Alignment
What is the disadvantage of a due...,
How many location readings must b...,
What is an inclinometer
13  cards
Pipe Strain
What is pipe strain,
List 3 static loads in pipe strain,
List 6 dynamic loads in pipe strain
17  cards
Leveling and Bore Alignment
What 5 basic questions can be ans...,
________________ are used as refe...,
What term means to align to the v...
22  cards
Define pressure,
When pressure is applied to a flu...,
Why is pressure transmitted almos...
123  cards
Hydraulic Pumps & Actuators
Do pumps create pressure or flow,
Why are positive displacement pum...,
Does the volume of the pumping ch...
134  cards
Accessories, Fluids, and Seals
What condition can occur if the i...,
Under what conditions do you need...,
In addition to transmitting power...
57  cards
Tubing and Hoses
In what way does a hydraulic syst...,
Why is copper not used in hydraul...,
On what is the diameter of tubing...
15  cards
Pneumatic Systems
The energy of compressed air in t...,
T or fvertical cylinders must be ...,
Piping should be sized to minimiz...
15  cards
Compressor Fundamentals
T or f0 kelvin is equal to 237 c,
What is atmospheric pressure at s...,
T or fyou calculate gauge pressur...
23  cards
Compressor Valves
T or fcompressor valves are opene...,
T or fleaking suction valves can ...,
List the four elements necessary ...
11  cards
Compressor Cylinder Components
T or frod reversal refers to the ...,
T or fpiston speed is constant wh...,
T or fon a large two stage double...
15  cards
Compressor Crosshead and Distance Piece Components
The large end of a connecting rod...,
T or fa burr between the mating s...,
The distance piece serves what 4 ...
11  cards
Compressor Crankshaft and Frame Components
Settling of a foundation of recip...,
T or fyou use a wire alignment on...,
T or fyou should paint the inside...
8  cards
Compressor Auxilary Systems
T or f low oil pressure can be ca...,
T or fhigh viscosity oil causes a...,
T or flow viscosity oil provides ...
10  cards
What is a positive displacement c...,
What is a nonpositive displacemen...,
What is gauge pressure
91  cards
Hudraulic Valves Part B
Where is the relief valve placed ...,
Where is the directional control ...,
What is the difference between a ...
23  cards
Hydraulic Valves
What is a hydrostat,
What are the three types of servo...,
What are four ways to unload a pump
44  cards

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