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Unit 1 Lubrication and bearings
The point at which oil will give ...,
Using pressurized air to blow out...,
When grease is used in an antifri...
80  cards
Unit2 Pumps and compressors
Centrifugal pumps convert rotatin...,
Rotary pumps should be started wi...,
A inspection of a pump that is in...
80  cards
Unit 3 Boiler Safety Devices
When the energy output and the en...,
An important fitting which is ins...,
Primary controls as used in a bur...
79  cards
Unit4 Boiler Plant Operation and management
A boiler pressure explosion is no...,
Which of the following is not an ...,
A slow drain test is performed to...
85  cards
Unit5 Energy Plant Maintenance
When replacing a firetube in a tu...,
Laying up a boiler means select o...,
Workers should not work any highe...
80  cards
Unit6 Water Treatment
Carbon dioxide may cause corrosio...,
When only one specific type of me...,
The main scale forming substance ...
88  cards
Unit 7 Types of prime movers and Heat engines
Using a compressed air starting m...,
A steam engine piston select one ...,
When _____________ leached away f...
100  cards
Unit8 Plant Auxiliary System
One of the three main types of il...,
Temperature relief devices limit ...,
A luminaire is select one a a mea...
60  cards
unit9 Basic Concepts of Compression and Absorption Refrigeration
Refrigerant compressors select on...,
The major building occupancy clas...,
Heat that causes an increase in t...
90  cards
Unit10 HVAC Fundamentals for Facility Operators
Very low humidity causesselect on...,
Activated carbon will absorb odou...,
The aspect of air conditioning th...
72  cards
Unit11 Building Environmental Systems and Control
A radiator valve is used to contr...,
Infrared heaters are used in sele...,
The sealed ball bearings used on ...
79  cards
Unit12 Typical Industrial Plant Configuration
Natural gas absorption process re...,
Dehydration process in the natura...,
Absorption _____ removal is most ...
57  cards

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