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Lecture 1 - The making and breaking of tolerance to self- antigens
What are roles of the immune system,
What is tolerance,
What are immunological features o...
16  cards
Lecture 2 - Aetiology and immunopathogenesis of autoimmune disease
What is autoimmunity,
What are some common autoimmune d...,
What can be causes in autoimmune ...
14  cards
Lecture 3 - Autoimmune diseases
What are organs specific autoimmu...,
Describe the type i classificatio...,
Describe type ii classification o...
28  cards
Lecture 4 - Quality Assurance and supply chains
What is outsourcing,
What kind of functions do pharma ...,
What are the pros of outsourcing
12  cards
Lecture 5 - The use of Unlicensed medication in the UK
Describe licensing exemption for ...,
What is a marketing authorisation,
What is spc
13  cards
Lecture 6 - Pharmaceutical care in inflammatory bowel disease
What is ibd,
What are the causes of inflammato...,
What are symptoms of ibd
27  cards
Lecture 7 - Drug absorption and disease
What is enteral feeding,
What are the various enteral feed...,
Summarise how a tablet is ingeste...
7  cards
Lecture 8 - medication via the rectal route
Describe the rectal anatomy,
What is the important eof rectal ...,
What re factors influencing recta...
22  cards
Lecture 9 - pharmacology of immunosuppresants
Describe the immunology key players,
How does the immune system recogn...,
How does the immune system recogn...
23  cards
Lecture 10 - therapeutics of corticosteroids
What are the three steroid classes,
What is the process of steroid sy...,
Describe cortisol control
12  cards
Lecture 11 - pain and inflammation
What is pain,
What are the 3 pain classifications,
Descried nociceptive pain
12  cards
Lecture 12 - rheumatoid arthritis and disease modifying anti-rhematic drugs
What is rheumatoid arthritis,
What are cellular mechanism invol...,
Descried rhemaotid arthritis
20  cards
Lecture 13 - biologics in arthropathies
What is involved in the susceptib...,
Describe the immunopathogensis of...,
What are clinical features of ear...
25  cards
Lecture 14 - pharmaceutical care of rheumatoid arthritis
What is rheumatoid arthritis,
What is the pathophysiology of rh...,
What are clinical features of rhe...
30  cards
Lecture 15 - semi solid formulations
Descried the anatomy oft eh skin,
What is the resistance model,
What are strategies fro increasin...
15  cards
Lecture 16 - transdermal drug delivery 2
What is storage modulus vs loss m...,
What are different types of gel n...,
What are polymeric gels
16  cards
Lecture 18 - autoimmune conditions pharmaceutical care
Describe the difference between a...,
What are examples of autoimmune d...,
What are risk factors of autoimmu...
13  cards
Lecture 17 - implants
What are implants,
What are the material characteris...,
What are delivery considerations ...
8  cards
Lecture 19 - drug interactions
Describe what a drug interaction ...,
What are the causes of drug drug ...,
What are two types of drug drug i...
21  cards
Lecture 20 - chemistry of drug drug interactions
What are mechanisms of drug drug ...,
What are drug absorption interaction,
Describe drug distribution intera...
22  cards
lecture 21 - osteoporosis
What is osteoporosis,
What can osteoporosis lead to,
What is the prevalence on osteopo...
23  cards
Lecture 22 - quality processes
What is training vs education,
Describe blooms level of learning,
What does a proper process triang...
13  cards
Lecture 24 - psoriasis
What is psoriasis,
What are triggers of psoriasis,
What are other ideas conditions o...
14  cards
Lecture 25 - adverse drug reactions mechanisms
What is the who definition for an...,
What is the incidence of adverse ...,
What are examples of adrs in resp...
15  cards

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