4th year electrical

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Math Applications
An impedance triangle is a conven...,
Given the angle how do you find pf,
Given a ratio of side lengths eg ...
72  cards
Machines; Controls And Switching CCTs
Be able to: 1) State sections involved in fwd/rev stop ctrl of 3-phase motors. 2)Design jogging and inching CCTs 3)Develop schematic diagrams for ctrl. CCTs
52  cards
Machines; Special Control Circuits
What is the purpose of timers,
What are the 3 basic types of tim...,
True or false spring wound interv...
76  cards
Electronics; Recifiers And Battery Chergers- Part A
What kind of current flows in onl...,
A dc value can be constant or pul...,
Give an example of a dc source th...
148  cards
Machines; Diagram Conversion
Pros and cons of wiring diagrams,
5 steps to convert wiring diagram...,
What do the following nema acrony...
9  cards
Machines; Motor Control Labs
To which terminals on a nema magn...,
What terminals on a nema magnetic...,
Nema holding contact numbers
16  cards
Machines; Drawings And Basic Circuits
Name 4 basic types of drawings,
Type of drawing used to show diff...,
Type of diagram to show speed of ...
23  cards
Machines(2); Alternators And Generators
What does a dynamo do,
What is a dynamo,
What kind of electrical machine c...
90  cards
Electronics; Rectifiers And Battery Chargers - B
What is a rectifier,
What are the two main categories ...,
What is the difference between a ...
60  cards
How are plcs usually selected,
What side of an i o point are swi...,
What might be connected to the ou...
75  cards
What are the major hardware compo...,
What are the major components of ...,
What are the ac circuits involved...
25  cards
Electronics; Cathodic Protection
What is corrosion,
What do you call the process of p...,
What are the four parts of a corr...
27  cards
Machines; Direct Current Machines Objective 1
Name 3 basic parts of a dc generator,
Which component is rotated within...,
What are 5 properties of flux
76  cards
Machines; Direct Current Machines Objective 2
What is the difference between a ...,
Torque in a motor rotor opposes _...,
What two magnetic fields interact...
41  cards
Machines; Direct Current Machines Objective 3
What does shunt wound mean,
What does compound wound mean,
True or false basic field and arm...
40  cards
Electronics; Welders And Filters
What does resistance come from on...,
What form of energy does resistan...,
What are resistors used for in an...
138  cards
Machines; Alternators
Another name for alternators,
Where is voltage induced in an al...,
Induced voltage generated by the ...
83  cards
Electronics; Controlled Rectifiers Objective 1
When are tab style scrs typically...,
What family of electronic devices...,
The threaded stud is generally th...
29  cards
Machines; Synchronous Motors
What rate does a rotor turn in a ...,
In order to rotate synchronous mo...,
What is the starting current and ...
64  cards
Rule for marking of motors with c...,
Code rule for marking of motors i...,
Rule for increased safety e motor...
101  cards
Machines; Single Phase Motors
Between single phase and three ph...,
What hp are most single phase motors,
Typical efficiency ratings of sin...
36  cards
When does an arc fault occur,
When do arc flashes commonly occur,
Which is riskier removing a door ...
62  cards
Renewable Energy
What are four basic configuration...,
What does the energy source suppl...,
Which type of system is used has ...
12  cards
What kind of induction motors can...
1  cards

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