5j a330 tke 2023

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1 air conditioning system operati...,
2 the main components of the air ...,
3 in the event of failure of one ...
39  cards
Auto Flight System
The purpose of the auto flight sy...,
When autothrust is active the thr...,
You can disengage the auto pilot ...
49  cards
To extinguish the selcal light on...,
If rmp1 fails a vhf1 can be tuned...,
Rmp1 can tune a vhf1 and vhf2 onl...
19  cards
Electrical contractor management ...,
Loss of one generator or tr a res...,
The minimum number of generators ...
27  cards
Fire Protection
Engine fire protection is provide...,
When the 1 engine white squib lig...,
The engine 1fire push button is i...
29  cards
Flight Controls
164 in normal operation most a330...,
165 all a330 flight controls are ...,
166 the side stick inputs results...
50  cards
214 in normal operation engines a...,
215 the fuel system is full autom...,
216 fuel temperatures are a not a...
24  cards
238 in the event of low pressure ...,
239 the corresponding hydraulic s...,
240 the hydraulic system monitori...
16  cards
Ice and Rain Protection
254 hot air from the pneumatic sy...,
255 when we are on the ground and...,
256 when engine anti ice pbs are ...
11  cards
Indicating and Recording
265 the flight warning computers ...,
266 which one of the following st...,
267 in normal operation a dmc1 an...
48  cards
Landing Gear
313 in case of the one lgciu fail...,
314 landing gear extension and re...,
315 in case of green hydraulic sy...
26  cards
339 if the crew selects the dome ...,
340 in emergency electrical confi...,
341 rwy turn off lights are locat...
4  cards
343 adirus provide navigation inf...,
344 ground dependent position det...,
345 adiru 3 includes a adr 1 and ...
30  cards
373 the pneumatic system supplies...,
374 the engine bleed system is co...,
375 am amber crossbleed valve sym...
22  cards
On-board Maintenance
395 to force to transfer from cmc...,
396 what is the purpose of the bu...,
397 in flight what are the cms fu...
12  cards
407 which of the following statem...,
408 during take off and go around...,
409 on the ground with engines no...
14  cards
421 on the upper ecam n1 indicati...,
422 the ge cf6 80e1a2 engine cont...,
423 the engine accessory gear box...
59  cards
480 can the cockpit windows be op...,
481 an escape rope is located a a...,
482 which passenger signs illumin...
44  cards

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