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What is the indication to stop at...,
At what point in the rwy to light...,
When do the rwy lights become sol...
23  cards
Freighter Differences
What powers the locks for the mai...,
What type doors are fitted,
What type of smoke detectors are ...
14  cards
OM-A 1
What is the min rest period at ho...,
What are the limits for capt s ex...,
What can the capt reduce rest to
24  cards
Are gusts entered on the perf pag...,
What does eng a i do to the desce...,
In the hold what is the preferred...
25  cards
When is the mel relevant to mnps ...,
If a system failure occurs while ...,
What should be done if the gps ac...
26  cards
How is a primary failure shown on...,
What is the max vertical speed in...,
What is the max legal tolerance o...
28  cards
How can you recall alerts inhibit...,
What 2 scenarios are the,
If a failed item does not appear ...
28  cards
After what point is a rejected la...,
In an rto emer evac does the delt...,
What are the immediate and second...
30  cards
What are the basic fd modes,
What is the max height for single...,
What system does a floor effect
21  cards
What hyd system powers the emer gen,
Where is the ac ess bus usually p...,
What hyd sys powers the normal br...
27  cards
Tech 2
What is the purpose of the hyd pr...,
When does the fuel crossfeed valv...,
What systems does the the hyd pri...
23  cards
Winter Ops
Is frost permitted on the fuselag...,
Is frost permitted on the wing fo...,
Is to permitted in freezing rain
32  cards
What is the threshold distance,
What defines the despatch point,
What wx minima are req d for an e...
21  cards
When can rev thrust be used when ...,
What is the lowest speed that aut...,
What is the target pitch on a ga
43  cards
What is max angle from vertical w...,
What needs to be done with the fi...,
What does the red indicator disc ...
18  cards
For rnav ops how many satellites ...,
In addition to mel requirements w...,
What sort of app should be flown ...
18  cards
Why is flap 1 selected for a slat...,
What will the pitch be like on a ...,
With unreliable speed indications...
22  cards
If the pa is u s how is a purser ...,
What sound in the emer call,
In an emergency when will the cdr...
28  cards
Should you complete an emer desce...,
In elec emer config how are the s...,
What does a flex to do with the p...
30  cards
UPRT/Unreliable speed/Stabilisation
When should a crew consider apply...,
With erroneous speed does the sta...,
If the crew has applied the mem i...
29  cards
Where is the rec max eo cruise al...,
On a standard engine out descent ...,
What 2 major failure could an all...
20  cards
OM-A 2
After a ramp inspection what info...,
What has to be done if forced to ...,
What fuels must be recorded in th...
19  cards
OM-B 1
What is the max speed for mdcd do...,
What is the max eat x wind for la...,
What is the max x wind for an fo
22  cards
What is the vertical rule for wea...,
What should the height deviation ...,
For an inflight contingency what ...
27  cards

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