5th class power engineering book 1

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Water tube boilers
An advantage of a packaged watert...,
The combustion chamber of a serpe...,
In comparison to a firetube boile...
17  cards
Cast-Iron Sectional and modular boilers
Two methods of assembling a cast ...,
The fins cast on the flat surface...,
He sections of cast iron boilers ...
10  cards
Fire tube boilers
Steam is the cooling medium for t...,
A wetback scotch marine boiler a ...,
The number of combustion gas pass...
20  cards
Electric Boilers
An immersion type of electric boi...,
In an electrode type of electric ...,
Electrode type boilers a require ...
9  cards
Basic fitting for steam boilers
The purpose of the pipe siphon in...,
Lp steam boilers must be equipped...,
If a gauge glass breaks the opera...
18  cards
Basic fittings for Hot Water boilers
The combined pressure temperature...,
Water expansion generated by heat...,
In a hot water system if the pres...
17  cards
Low water fuel cut offs and feedwater controls
A leak in a condensate return pip...,
Equalizing lines on a condensate ...,
A hot water boiler low water fuel...
17  cards
Heating Boiler operation controls
A manual high low switch should b...,
A levelling indicator is found on...,
In a hot water heating system the...
15  cards
Boiler combustion controls
The programming control relay of ...,
The flame scanner lens is a conca...,
The flame scanner a is not sensit...
11  cards
Boiler programming controls
Which of the following is not a p...,
The operating pressure control wi...,
Automatic boiler programming cont...
12  cards
Basic Boiler operation
Housekeeping a is necessary to be...,
A good indication of the effectiv...,
Our senses are useful for a perce...
26  cards
Routine Boiler Maintenance and Inspections
Before welders are allowed to wel...,
If there is a possibility of free...,
The wet method of boiler storage ...
25  cards
Combustion and Draft
Insufficient air for combustion w...,
Combustion of a fuel in a boiler ...,
Proper draft is important to the ...
26  cards
Burners for boilers
The reducing of oil into very sma...,
The purpose of the deflector vane...,
Oil burners can be divided into t...
17  cards
Piping Materials and Connections
The three general types of flange...,
Cast iron has a high resistance t...,
The best material for gaskets in ...
22  cards
Piping Expansion, Support and Insulation
Insulating pipes that carry subst...,
The constant support type of hang...,
What are the desirable characteri...
14  cards
Steam Traps
A mechanical steam trap a can be ...,
A steam trap that has a discharge...,
The sudden closing of a valve in ...
12  cards
Introduction to Valves
Regular inspection of a valve is ...,
The valve that provides very fine...,
Advantages of butterfly valves ar...
13  cards
Introduction to Thermol Heaters and Systems
During shutdown hot oil heater pi...,
A hot oil system pump inlet is lo...,
Low hot oil flow shutdowns fsdl a...
16  cards

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