610: concepts in physical therapy

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Professional Behavior, Clinical Decorum, and Clinical Experience
Important characteristic of a pro...,
10 elements of professional behavior,
What is clinical expertise
23  cards
Transfers and Level of Assist
Definition of transfer,
What is our primary responsibility,
7 levels of assistance
52  cards
Prep for Patient Care
What is core stabilization,
Where does the cog usually land
26  cards
Documenting the Examination (Patient/Client Note)
Why do we gather subjective infor...,
Why do we perform objective tests...,
What subjective information shoul...
20  cards
Subjective, and Objective Portions of the SOAP Note
How is information organized in a...,
What does the s portion of the so...,
What type of information is found...
19  cards
Medical Terminology and Abbreviations
4 types of patient notes,
Five components of a patient note,
Who introduced the soap note
22  cards
Guide to the APTA
When did physical therapists firs...,
When was the american women s phy...,
Who led the original apta
25  cards
Patient Interview Skills
6 importances of the patient inte...,
What specific information must be...,
6 basic principles of a patient i...
14  cards
Assistive Devices and Gait Training
What things should you consider w...,
Which assistive device provides t...,
Which assistive device is appropr...
36  cards
Assessment Portion of the SOAP Note
What types of things does the pt ...,
What 3 relationships does the pt ...,
4 importances of the assessment
12  cards
6 types of wheelchairs,
6 key measurements to take in ord...,
How do you determine seat width
36  cards
ADA Guidelines
Define disability,
Define physical or mental impairment,
Define reasonable accommodation
29  cards
Communicating with Physicians, Peers, Children, the Elderly, and Families
What is the primary purpose of co...,
How can hcps enhance patient care,
What is the secondary purpose of ...
35  cards
Documenting the Plan
What is the poc,
What does the poc include,
Patient care goals must be ____ a...
24  cards

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610: concepts in physical therapy

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