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Critical Thinking
Characteristics of a critical thi...,
Nurse s responsibility in clinica...,
Reflection improves clinical deci...
20  cards
Nursing Process
Nursing process steps,
Nursing diagnosis
108  cards
144  cards
Acute pain,
90  cards
Condition in which the patient mu...,
Abnormal breath sounds
52  cards
Normal state of balances muscle t...,
Midpoint or center of the weight ...,
Means maintaining optimal body po...
93  cards
Insufficient intake of oxygen,
Deliberate spread of pathogenic o...,
A poisonous gas resulting from th...
25  cards
Bowel Elimination
Medication that has short term ac...,
Contraction that propels food thr...,
Surgical procedure in which an op...
32  cards
Abnormal neurological condition i...,
A motor speech disorder resulting...,
The sensation of movement or stra...
22  cards
Genitourinary (GU)
Absence of urine formation,
Life threatening blood stream inf...,
Bacteria in the urine
33  cards
Spiritual Health
Belief that any ultimate reality ...,
Belief that there is no existence...,
A dimension of spirituality that ...
24  cards
Health Assessment, Documentation & EHR
Engorged distended jugular veins ...,
High pitched sounds heard over th...,
Medium pitched blowing sounds hea...
24  cards
Community Based Nursing
Individuals adopting specific hea...,
Care that takes place in communit...,
Nursing care provided in the comm...
31  cards
Skin Integrity & Wound Care
Tool used to predict pressure sor...,
Removal of necrotic tissue,
Partial or total separation of la...
67  cards
Fluid & Electrolyte Balance
Acid base imbalance within the bo...,
Acid base imbalance within the bo...,
Energy requiring movement of elec...
72  cards
A systematic measurement of the s...,
Standard norms for normal height ...,
Energy needs of a person at rest ...
29  cards

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