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Data Structures and Abstract Data Types
Time complexity for hash table lo...,
Collision resolution methods,
Time complexity for linked list i...
12  cards
Object Oriented Programming
What is the difference between at...,
What is an object,
What is encapsulation
9  cards
What are the features of a succes...,
What are the disadvantages and ad...,
What are the disadvantages and ad...
3  cards
Social, Legal, Economics Issues
What are the code of conducts to ...,
How should a company ensure accou...,
How should a company ensure prote...
3  cards
Network security
What is the purpose of a denial o...,
How does a dos attack work,
How does a distributed denial of ...
16  cards
SQL Databases
What does first normal form mean,
What does second normal form mean,
What does third normal form mean
14  cards
Binary Search Tree
In what order is the node retriev...,
In what order is the node retriev...,
In what order is the node retriev...
7  cards
Web Applications and Flask programming
Define a native application,
State 3 advantages of using nativ...,
State 3 disadvantages of using na...
22  cards
Search Algorithms
Time complexity of linear search,
Time complexity of binary search,
Time complexity of hash table search
7  cards
Where is the http protocol used,
What is the smtp protocol used for,
What is the ftp protocol used for
18  cards
Sort Algorithms
The key steps for bubble sort are,
The key steps for insertion sort are,
The key steps for merge sort are
11  cards
Data Privacy
What is consent obligation,
What is notification obligation,
What is access and correction obl...
11  cards
Essential knowledge
What is the powershell command to...,
How to rename a file in file expl...,
What is the shortcut key to delet...
9  cards
In ascii each character is repres...,
Data validation refers to,
List the types of validation checks
5  cards
NoSQL and MongoDB
Describe the hierarchy of a typic...,
The minimal code required to inse...,
When are databases and collection...
4  cards

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