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Windows Vista
Windows vista home basic min requ...,
Windows vista home premium ultima...,
Windows vista home basic
7  cards
Windows 7
Windows 7 minimum requirements x86,
Windows 7 minimum requirements x64,
Windows 7 starter
9  cards
Windows 8 and 8.1
Windows 8 81 minimum requirements...,
Windows 8 81 minimum requirements...,
Windows 8 81 core edition
8  cards
Windows Features
32 bit vs 64 bit windows features,
Windows aero windows features,
Uac user account control windows ...
17  cards
Windows File Structures and Paths
Storage device naming windows fil...,
Files and folders windows file st...,
Windows folders windows file stru...
3  cards
Windows 8 and 8.1 Features
Side by side apps windows 8 and 8...,
Modern ui windows 8 and 81 features,
Pinning windows 8 and 81 features
9  cards
Windows Upgrade Paths
Upgrading to windows vista,
Upgrading from xp home to vista,
Upgrading from xp professional to...
23  cards
Planning a Windows Installation
Installation sources planning a w...,
Types of installations planning a...,
Other installation types planning...
14  cards
OS Command Line Tools
Diskpart disk partitioner os comm...,
Format format a disk os command l...,
Chkdsk check disk os command line...
16  cards
The Windows Recovery Environment Command Prompt
Starting the console windows reco...,
Fixing the mbr windows recovery e...,
Fixing the volume boot record win...
4  cards
Windows Administrative Tools
Computer management windows admin...,
Device manager windows administra...,
Users and groups windows administ...
11  cards
Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
Windows firewall,
Windows firewall with advanced se...,
Advanced security features firewa...
3  cards
Using Windows System Configuration (msconfig)
System configuration using window...,
General tab using windows system ...,
Boot tab using windows system con...
6  cards
Using Windows Task Manager
Task manager using windows task m...,
Applications tab using windows ta...,
Processes tab using windows task ...
6  cards
Using WIndows Disk Management
Disk management using windows dis...,
Disk status using windows disk ma...,
Storage spaces using windows disk...
3  cards
Windows Migration Tools
Disk windows upgrade advisor wind...,
Migration methods windows migrati...,
Windows easy transfer windows mig...
4  cards
The Windows Control Panel
Internet options the windows cont...,
Display the windows control panel,
User accounts the windows control...
14  cards
Windows System Utilities
Regedit registry editor windows s...,
Servicesmsc windows services wind...,
Mmc microsoft management console ...
11  cards
Windows HomeGroup, Workgroups, and Domains
Windows workgroups,
Windows homegroup,
Windows domain
3  cards
Configuring Windows Firewall
Enabling and disabling windows fi...,
Windows firewall configuration,
Creating a firewall exception con...
3  cards
Windows IP Address Configuration
How windows gets an ip address wi...,
Tcp ip host addresses windows ip ...
2  cards
Windows Network Connections
Speed and duplex windows network ...,
Wake on lan windows network conne...,
Quality of service qos windows ne...
4  cards
Windows Preventive Maintenance Tools
Windows backup windows preventive...,
Recovery image windows preventive...,
System restore windows preventive...
4  cards
Windows Preventive Maintenance Best Practices
Scheduled backups windows prevent...,
Scheduled disk maintenance window...,
Scheduled defragmentation windows...
7  cards
Best Practices for Mac OS
Scheduled backups best practices ...,
Scheduled disk maintenance best p...,
System updates app store best pra...
5  cards
Best Practices for Linux
Scheduled backups best practices ...,
Scheduled disk maintenance best p...,
System updates best practices for...
5  cards
Mac OS Tools
Time machine backups mac os tools,
Image recovery mac os tools,
Disk utility mac os tools
6  cards
Linux Tools
Backups linux tools,
Image recovery linux tools,
Disk maitenance linux tools
6  cards
Mac OS Features
Mission control and spaces mac os...,
Keychain mac os features,
Spotlight mac os features
9  cards
Client-side Virtualization
Virtualization client side virtua...,
The hypervisor client side virtua...,
Resource requirements client side...
7  cards
Basic Linux Commands
Ls list directory contents basic ...,
Grep find a text in a file basic ...,
Cd change current directory basic...
20  cards
Basic Cloud Concepts
Software as a service saas basic ...,
Infrastructure as a service iaas ...,
Platform as a service paas basic ...
5  cards
Network Services
Web server network services,
File server network services,
Print server network services
11  cards
Mobile Operating System Features
0  cards
Mobile Device Connectivity
Your phone is a radio mobile devi...,
Prl updates preferred roaming lis...,
Pri updates product release instr...
9  cards
Configuring Email on Mobile Devices
Email configurations configuring ...,
Pop3 post office protocol version...,
Imap internet message access prot...
6  cards
Mobile Device Synchronization
Synchronizing your data mobile de...,
Data types mobile device synchron...,
Synchronizing to the desktop mobi...
4  cards
Mobile Device Synchronization Connections
Ios mobile device sync connections,
Android and windows phone mobile ...
2  cards
Common Security Threats
17  cards
Physical Security Prevention Methods
Mantraps physical security preven...
1  cards
Digital Securitiy Prevention Methods
Anti virus and anti malware digit...,
Host based firewalls digital secu...,
Network based firewalls digital s...
10  cards
Security Awareness
Security policy training and proc...,
Network policies security awareness,
Principle of least privilege secu...
3  cards
Workstation Security Best Practices
Password expiration and recovery ...,
Desktop security workstation secu...,
Password best practices workstati...
8  cards
Windows Security Settings
Users windows security settings,
Groups windows security settings,
Ntfs vs share permissions windows...
9  cards
Securing Mobile Devices
Screen locks securing mobile devices,
Locator applications and remote w...,
Remote backup securing mobile dev...
11  cards
Data Destruction and Disposal
Physical destruction data destruc...,
Certificate of destruction data d...,
Disk formatting data destruction ...
4  cards
Securing a SOHO Network
Ssid management securing a soho n...,
Wireless encryption securing a so...,
Antenna placement securing a soho...
14  cards
Operating System Troubleshooting
Bluescreens and spontaneous shutd...,
Boot errors os troubleshooting,
Improper shutdown os troubleshooting
10  cards
Operating System Troubleshooting Tools
Bios uefi tools os troubleshootin...,
Sfc os troubleshooting tools,
Logs os troubleshooting tools
15  cards
Troubleshooting Common Security Issues
Bluescreens and spontaneous shutd...,
Browser redirection troubleshooti...,
Browser security alerts troublesh...
9  cards
Tools for Security Troubleshooting
Anti virus and anti malware software,
Recovery console command prompt,
System restore
8  cards
Best Practice Procedures for Malware Removal
Step 1 identify malware symptoms ...,
Step 2 quarantine infected system...,
Step 3 disable system restore bes...
8  cards
Mobile Device App Troubleshooting
Dim display mobile device app tro...,
Wireless connectivity mobile devi...,
Cannot broadcast to monitor mobil...
12  cards
Mobile Device Security Troubleshooting
Signal drop weak signal mobile de...,
Power drain mobile device securit...,
Slow data speeds mobile device se...
7  cards
Managing Electrostatic Discharge
Electrostatic discharge,
Controlling esd
2  cards
Computer Safety Procedures
Warning computer safety procedures,
Equipment grounding computer safe...,
Personal safety computer safety p...
5  cards
Managing Your Computer Environment
Disposal procedures managing your...,
Room control managing your comput...,
Ups uninterruptible power supply ...
6  cards
Prohibited Activity and End-user Policies
Incident response first response ...,
Incident response documentation p...,
Incident response chain of custod...
5  cards
Communication and Professionalism
What do you need for communicatio...
1  cards
The Troubleshooting Process
The troubleshooting process,
1 identify the problem the troubl...,
2 establish a theory the troubles...
8  cards

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