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ANATOMY - Lower limbs
What are the 3 parts of the hip bone,
Average angle of inclination of n...,
What attaches to the base of the ...
218  cards
M f pyloric stenosis,
Features of pyloroic stenosis on ...,
What age does pyloric stenosis pr...
47  cards
When is a fibroadenoma,
Who gets fibroadenomas,
Features of fibroadenoma
114  cards
What are the 3 parts of the penis,
What is the most proximal section...,
What structure is the root of the...
179  cards
Endocrinology - Diabetes
Normal fasting glucose levels,
Impaired fasting glucose levels,
Diabetic fasting glucose levels
127  cards
Broad catergories chest pain 5,
Myocardial ischaemia socrates,
Rf myocardial ischaemia 10
112  cards
CARDIOLOGY - Valvular Heart Disease and Bacterial Endocarditis
Short term consequence of valvula...,
Long term consequence of valvular...,
Which side valves are more common...
61  cards
UROLOGY - Bladder + Prostate
What type of cancer are 90 of bla...,
Rf bladder cancer tcc 4,
Ps tcc bladder cancer 4
52  cards
Prior to pubity what separates th...,
At what age do the hip bones fuse,
Which bone of the hip bone is the...
154  cards
Neuro - Neurological emergencies
Def status epilepticus,
Rf status epilepticus 4,
1st step mx status epilepticus
72  cards
Neuro - stroke, MMA, VST + brain haemorrhages
Def stroke,
Def tia,
Def amaurosis fugax
80  cards
What are the bones forming the skull,
What are the skull sutures,
What are the brain fontanelles
183  cards
Endocrine Surgery
Explain thyroid physiology,
Thyroid hormone biosynthesis,
Physiological effects of th
141  cards
NEURO - Headache, neuro-oncology and CNS infections
What are the 3 types of primary h...,
Features of tension headache,
Who gets tension headaches
91  cards
Head & Neck, ENT
What are the neck fascia,
How might deep fascia influence t...,
What are the neck muscles
233  cards
Le fort fracture grade 1,
Le fort fracture grade 2,
Le fort 3
9  cards
ANATOMY - Lower limbs p2
Which muscle is the lumbar plexus...,
Which nerves contribute to the lu...,
Branches lumbar plexus
232  cards
ANATOMY - head
Layers of scalp,
Which layer of the scalp contains...,
5 arteries supplying scalp origins
205  cards
ANATOMY - Neck p1
Anterior triangle of neck superio...,
Anterior triangle of neck lateral...,
Anterior triangle of neck medial ...
205  cards
ANATOMY - Thorax p1
What is the mediastinum between,
How is the mediastinum divided in...,
How is the inferior mediastinum f...
199  cards
ANATOMY - thorax p2
What level does the svc enter the ra,
Where does the r pulmonary aa rec...,
Which valve separates the pulmona...
155  cards
ANATOMY - Upper limb p1
How many muscles attach to the sc...,
What are the 3 surfaces of the sc...,
What does the acromion of the sca...
205  cards
Is c diff a gram ve or gram ve rod,
Effect of c diff on the colon,
Risk factors c diff 3
28  cards
ANATOMY - Head part 2
Embryological origin pons,
What structure separates the pons...,
What structure is inferior to the...
99  cards
ANATOMY - Upper limb p2
Which 2 structures pass through t...,
Origin insertion flexor digitorum...,
Action flexor digitorum superfici...
205  cards
ANATOMY - Abdomen p1
What is the peritoneal cavity,
What does the peritoneal cavity c...,
3 constituents of peritoneal fluid
209  cards
ANATOMY - Abdomen p2
Role of cecum,
Where is the cecum in the abdomen,
Is the cecum intra or retroperito...
215  cards
ANATOMY - Abdomen p3
At what vertebral level is the pa...,
Is the pancreas intra or retroper...,
Where in the abdomen is the pancreas
127  cards
ANATOMY - head part 3
How many paired instrinsic muscle...,
Names of intrinsic muscles of the...,
Role of the intrinsic muscles of ...
190  cards
Miscellaneous stuff I get wrong p1
What structures suspend the spina...,
What is tidal volume,
What is the inspiratory reserve v...
200  cards
ANATOMY - Neck p2
Which nn innervates the suboccipi...,
Which compartment of the neck of ...,
Action of the suboccipital muscles
122  cards
Vascular from eMRCS
Risks of pfte post of
1  cards
Miscellaneous stuff I get wrong - part 2
Define mild traumatic brain injury,
Define moderate traumatic brain i...,
Define severe traumatic brain injury
106  cards
ANATOMY - upper limb p3
What nn roots forms the brachial ...,
How to remember the parts of the ...,
Which mm do the brachial plexus r...
92  cards
Burns/Grafts/Organ Transplants
Mx simple wounds lacerations,
What negative pressure are vac se...,
C i vac dressings
73  cards
Surgeries key facts
Absolute indication proctocolecto...,
Uncontrolled uc emergency surgery,
Restorative surgery uc
14  cards

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